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Meghan Markle's alleged divorce back up plan revealed: A $25 million New York City escape

Meghan Markle's divorce back up plan revealed: A $25 million New York City escape With so much drama erupting around her, it would be no surprise if a shrewd woman like the Duchess of Sussex had a backup plan should her new life as a princess go up in smoke.

And sources tell Woman's Day that's exactly what mum-to-be Meghan was secretly plotting when she travelled to New York City under the guise of hosting an intimate baby shower in February.

"Meghan's been quietly setting up her other life for the last couple of months, and thanks to her close inner circle, she's got an entire back-up plan arranged for when and if her and Harry call it quits and her life as a royal falls apart," an insider spills.

Woman's Day understands her "little party" and dinner with friends while she was in New York was an ulterior motive to get the cogs in motion."Really, she was house-hunting," reveals an insider.

"She was using the front entrance of her hotel to make sure fans caught her every move – or thought they did.

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But in reality she was sneaking off with her close friends Serena Williams and Amal Clooney via a secret exit to scout out apartments nearby.

"And now, it seems the eight-months-pregnant duchess has found her dream divorce home in the heart of the Big Apple, should she ever part ways with Prince Harry, 34 – who she's been married to for less than a year.

"The apartment is in New York's Upper East side – an area Meghan's deeply fond of," says a well-placed source.

"It will work well for her because it's only a six-hour flight to London if she and Harry have shared custody of the baby.

It's also a good base, so she can easily visit her friends and family in Toronto and LA."It's believed Meghan fell instantly in love with a four-bedroom, four-bathroom apartment on the 21st floor of the ultra-exclusive 212 5th Avenue building – which would set her back an eye-watering $25.4 million.

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"Meghan knows she can't write a cheque for a place like that without alarming her husband," says a source.

"She doesn't even have anywhere near that much in her own bank account. But she's had advice from top-ranking divorce lawyers that not only would she get a huge payout given she's the mother of Harry's child.

"But as a royal divorcee, the commercial opportunities for her if she returns to the States as an actress, brand ambassador and public speaker would make her millions and millions.

"Instead, 37-year-old Meghan is relying on the help of her incredibly wealthy friends. An insider speculates that A-listers Amal and George Clooney, with their net worth of $714 million, and tennis ace Serena Williams, whose $250 million bank account continues to skyrocket, have offered to buy the apartment.

The purchase will be with the understanding that they'll lease it to high-profile but trusted friends until the time Meghan should split from Harry and want to buy them out of their contract.

The royal family is in the dark"It's a genius plan," says the source. "Meghan's name isn't on it."

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My view: We are not surprised. If Meghan is capable of setting up her own blind-date with the help of her ex waiter friend Markus Anderson, she's also capable of using her baby shower in New York as a cover for house hunting. Why celebrate the baby shower in New York when she could have had a very private shower in London, who knows if she was really house hunting, It's baffling. This story was leaked by her anonymous friends, they are leaking so many stuff that'll help their royal friend Meghan.

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