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Model reveals her exes paid for £50k surgery including three boobs jobs so she ‘looked like Barbie’

A MODEL has revealed how her exes paid for her £50k plastic surgery to achieve a "perfect body like a Barbie doll".

Paulina Candy, 24, who lives in London, had her first of three boob jobs at the age of 18 - going from a B-cup to a J-cup - and has also received bum implants, lip fillers, cheek fillers and a nose job.

A model has revealed her exes have funded a good chunk of her £50k plastic surgery

The beauty therapist, who is currently single - but has a "long line of men wanting to date her" thanks to her transformation - has had her extensive procedures funded partly by former lovers who encouraged her to have more surgery.

"My previous partners were very happy about our sex life and encouraged me to go bigger, and helped me financially to get the bigger size," she told Femail.

"I always have a problem with finding the right person in a relationship, which is one bad thing about looking more sexual.

"People say that I look like a porn star, but I would like to be a porn star only for one person in my life...I have a long line of guys who want to date me but at the moment I'm single."

Paulina has had three boob jobs, and first went under the knife at the age of 18

Pictured before surgery, Paulina is originally from Warsaw in Poland

Paulina, who is originally from Warsaw in Poland - and who also trains at the gym every day and follows a strict diet where she avoids sushi and pasta - has revealed how she always wanted to look like Barbie.

"Since I was a young girl, I've always dreamed to have a perfect body like a Barbie doll. I was born in a normal family," she explained.

"I decided to get bigger size boobs and lips as I see it as more sexual and seductive.

"I started to take care of myself when I was a child and when I was eighteen, I had my first surgery - a boob job and injections like lip fillers, cheek fillers, and smaller touch ups."

She said her family were "surprised" by her transformation

The model, who has appeared in Playboy, added: "My family and friends were so surprised when they saw me, and they asked me so many questions about this Barbie look I turned myself into."

Of her critics on social media, Paulina said: "After every procedure I received many compliments and people saying that I am very beautiful and I don't need to change anything else.

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My view: She looked better before the surgery. Her lips have quadrupled in size.

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