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Investigation into Irishman accused of raping and causing brain injuries to two-week-old baby ‘makin

"GOOD progress” has been made in the investigation of a Down man accused of raping and causing brain injuries to a two-week-old baby.

Newry Magistrates Court heard that a “voluminous” investigation was being carried out on the 26-year-old male defendant, who cannot be named in order to protect identity of his alleged victim.

The case is being heard at Newry Magistrates Court

The accused had previously claimed he may have unintentionally hit the child’s head off a wall while “tired and frustrated”.

Prosecution has however, argued the injuries inflicted, including broken ribs and thigh bones, were so severe that they could not have been accidental.

The man faces charges of grievous bodily harm with intent and sexual assault of a child by penetration on September 29, 2018.

Police were alerted after the baby was brought to Daisy Hill Hospital in Newry with unexplained injuries.

The child had sustained a brain haemorrhage, a number of broken bones, traumatic bruising and was bleeding when admitted.

Medical professionals believe the fractures may have been due to the use of significant force, such as through the tugging or twisting of limbs, the court heard.

A consultant paediatrician provided an opinion that the baby had been sexually assaulted including penetration.

The accused has given no explanation for the bruising, and categorically denies any sexual assault.

Via The Sun

My view: This is terrible, what a monster.

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