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Lori Loughlin’s daughters drop out of USC after admissions scandal

Lori Loughlin‘s daughters are dropping out of the University of Southern California — because they’re afraid of being bullied over the massive college admissions scam that has left them feeling like “a mess,” a report said Thursday.

Olivia Jade, 19, and her sister, 20-year-old Isabella Rose, have decided to withdraw from USC days after their parents, “Fuller House” star Loughlin and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, were charged for allegedly paying the girls’ way into the school, TMZ reported.

One source told the gossip website the girls worry they’ll be “viciously bullied” if they return to school.

Their parents, who are out on $1 million bond each, fully support the decision, the report said.

Olivia Jade — who said last year she didn’t “really care about school” but wanted the “experience” of “partying” — was aboard the yacht of a USC board of trustees memberon spring break when her mom was charged in the scheme Tuesday.

Since then she has been “a mess, despondent and feeling like it’s the end of the world,” a source told the website.

Olivia Jade and her sister reportedly didn’t even want to attend USC but their father wanted them to get “into a school other than [Arizona State University],” according to court paper.

They allegedly paid $500,000 to get the girls into USC by pretending the sisters were competitive rowing recruits.

To pull off the alleged scam, Giannulli had to send plot mastermind William “Rick” Singer a photo of Isabella on a rowing machine, court papers alleged.

The sisters now plan to “lay low” and won’t try to enroll into another school for a while, TMZ said.

Via Page Six

My view: Well, they have no choice but to dropout, because their parents are cheats. The University should rescind their admission so they can't transfer to another University and complete their courses, all of the "children" (young adults) should be expelled. They got into school based on fraud, they'll have to start afresh. The children are all grown ups they knew what their parents were doing because they all knew that their average grades will never get them a place in any elite University. It is time to stop the so called elite Universities discriminating against ordinary people/poor applicants. They should operate the same system as all other Universities, if an applicant meets the requirements and have the grade for the course he/she wants to study then they should be able to get a place, not the Universities extreme requirements of scoring A* plus in all the subjects and excellent sports resume, that'll tempt people to bribe, scam and forge papers, then we'll have quack surgeons operating on us who didn't even do their exams themselves, or Doctors who refer to Google to get diagnosis and prescription for their patients. The elite University thing has to stop, because patients don't ask their Doctors before treatment the University they graduated from before the Doctor is allowed to treat them, once you're qualified to be a doctor, helloooo, you're a Doctor from any University. Same goes for nurses, lawyers, Engineers, teachers etc.

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