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Jennifer Lopez's fiancé Alex Rodriguez appears to have a bruised face as they arrive in Miami

Alex Rodriguez appeared to have a bruised face when he arrived in Miami, Florida alongside his new fiancée Jennifer Lopez on Tuesday morning.

Alex, proposed to Jennifer, 49, with a $4.5 million engagement ring over the weekend.

The former baseball star kept comfortable in grey joggers and a matching hoodie as he strolled through the terminal with Jennifer following their romantic trip to The Bahamas.

Alex appeared to sport a bruised bump under his left eye.

The couple arrived back home just hours after Jose Canseco's ex Jessica slammed him for claiming she'd been involved in an affair with Alex.

Jennifer wore an oversized cardigan and skinny jeans while flashing her huge engagement ring.

Canseco began tweeting about the alleged affair while 'watching World of Dance', an NBC reality show in which Lopez is a judge.

Leila Knight, Canseco's former fiancée of nine years, told that her ex's allegations 'are highly unlikely to be true, and even if it was true, he wouldn't know about it.'

Jose tweeted: 'Watching J.Lo text Alex Rodriguez, little does she know that he is cheating on her with my ex-wife Jessica. Poor girl, she has no idea who he really is.'

He then said he was 'there a few months back with her when he called her on her phone', seemingly referring to Alex and Jessica.

'Alex Rodriguez stop being a piece of s**t stop cheating on Jennifer Lopez,' he added, before challenging him to a 'boxing match or an MMA match anytime you want'.

Jose returned to Twitter on Wednesday to accuse his ex of not telling the truth. 'You lied to defend that piece of sh**! Jessica I told you to not open up that can of worms time to polygraph and tell the truth now.'

The athlete added: 'Jessica you're calling me a liar you just forced me to defend myself and tell the truth here comes the biggest story ever about Alex Rodriguez and yourself the truth hurts do not turn away or hide from a polygraph.'

Then Jose addressed J-Lo: 'Jennifer Lopez I hear you're a very good person I am sorry you are caught up in the middle of this but the truth has to be told.

'Alex Rodriguez I challenge you to a polygraph are you man enough to face me.

Remember when you told me you were man's man Alex show me now how much of a man you really are face the truth face a polygraph.'

Rodriguez's children have bonded with Lopez and her family; they are seen celebrating the start of 2019

The blonde, pictured with Jose and their daughter in 2004, has said she is not having a romance with Alex

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My view: I don't think Jennifer Lopez should be bothered about her fiancee Alex Rodriguez's cheating allegations, because he loves and worships her and treats her like a queen. If he's allegedly cheating on her, he must be going through a great length to hide it, at least he's not flaunting it to her face like one basketball rat. Jennifer is 49, so I don't think she should dump Alex because of hearsay.

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