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Kate Middleton looks gorgeous in £800 Purple Gucci Blouse to visit Henry Fawcett Children's Cent

Kate visited the Henry Fawcett Children's Centre to learn more about how the local organisations in Lambeth support young children and their families.

The mother of three looked gorgeous, as she mixed high street and designer for the visit, pairing a new £790 Gucci blouse with a £130 high waist trousers by Jigsaw.

The Duchess of Cambridge visited the centre today, to see how the Lambeth Early Action Partnership is using the Parent and Infant Relationship Service to support parents, carers and their children.

According to reports, the scheme is funded by A Better Start, which Kate and her husband Prince William learnt about during their visit to Blackpool last week.

See photos and video below

Scroll down and watch Kate and the royal family during the Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Investiture Of The Prince of Wales last week.

My view: The Duchess of Cambridge is stepping up her fashion game so Meg don't eclipse her as the number one royal wife in the fashion department, but Meghan is an extravagant spender, I don't think Kate would spend her money on a £90k simple silk gown, just for media front page/headline. Kate is not happy because she feels that Meghan has completely changed the family dynamic between Prince Harry, herself and her husband William. They used to be united trio but now they are divided quad and Kate doesn't like that, she loved when they used to do charity work and other stuff with Harry, but it seems Meg wants Harry to dissociate further from them and have his own identity as a huge celebrity. When they're all attending an event with other royals Meghan knows that she has to stand behind Kate and William and she doesn't really like that, then she plays the victim card but when she's attending an official event on her own or with her husband it's a different ball game, as she knows that she gets all the flowers and attention. She's extremely jealous of Kate Middleton's position, just like her sister Samantha Markle is extremely jealous of her, they have the jealous thing in their family and Meghan loves power, she didn't give up her acting career for nothing. That's why she has been named Vice President of the Queen's Commonwealth Trust, it seems she pressured her husband to asks the Queen, 'Meghan gets what Meghan wants', according to Harry. Meghan would even prefer to be in Camilla's position. The young royals are kind of divided into two camps, one is very royal and the other is the reality celeb, I kind of like the two camps, they both attract juicy gossip, Meghan and Kate are making it more interesting though, it was quiet before Meg joined the royal family.

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