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Reality star Chloe Sims shows off her cleavage in a plunging white swimsuit as she shoots new series

Chloe Sims showed off her cosmetic enhanced cleavage, as she posed for the camera in Koh Samui on Thursday The TOWIE star looked fabulous in a low-cut neckline white swimming suit.

Chloe, 36, is in Thailand filming the new series of TOWIE.

The mother-of-one soaked up the sun while she frolicked in the deep blue sea.

The trip to Thailand follows on from the show axing ten stars in huge shake up, according to reports.

Insiders told MailOnline: 'The trip to Thailand is furthest they've ever gone - very cool — feel more grown-up more beach bars than clubs'.

Insiders also told The Sun: 'This time round they’ll be enjoying meals out and attending yoga classes. A lot of the cast have grown up since filming in Marbella.

See pictures below

My view: It's good that dull characters were axed, as the reality show has become boring and their ratings dropped massively, just like the Kardashians reality show, people don't just want to watch shows that have been going on forever, especially when most of the cast members are just fame and money hungry and you can see through them that they're so desperate for attention. ITV should cancel the show and produce something new. People are tired of some reality shows that their veteran stars are on Instagram showcasing themselves every minute with pictures and video with their own mini series, so what's the point of watching the main show when people see a lot on Instagram. Honestly people are just tired and bored of seeing the same cast doing predictable and staged stuff. I'm a Celebrity is different and very successful because of the tasks, viewers like watching celebs reaction when they do the tasks and they have new celebrities taking part every year. I think ITV should invite Khloe Kardashian and Jordyn Woods for this year's series it'll be therapeutic for both of them and they'll be a hit with viewers, as they'll be away from their lavish lifestyle and experience real life.

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