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Khloé Kardashian Turned Off Instagram Comments After Her Followers Roasted Her for showing off Herme

Khloe Kardashian shared a throwback photo of her daughter True sitting in a pile of Hermes Birkin bags on Wednesday and captioned, 'About 4 months ago 🥰 My girl is growing so fast 😩'

But some of her followers slammed her for the display of wealth.

This comes a couple of days after she was dragged by her fans for overediting a photo of her looking back at the camera in a sparkly jumpsuit walking up some stairs

Her followers seemed to think she photoshopped her legs and head so much that it looked unnatural.

See reaction below from Khloe's fans after she posted the throwback picture on Wednesday

'You could feed a few villages of starving children for a few years with that hermes money,' commented one fan.

'This is just tacky excess - what, $200,000 worth of bags? It's disheartening that people hoard such wealth (come at me, haters, but you know it's true). I'll give it to Kim, she's using her platform to help with criminal justice reform - it's a step in the right direction,' said another.

'Ridiculous.. instead of that many material bag.. help $$$&$$&$& to people who could use money pay whatever struggle is,' remarked someone else.

Your man was right to leave you. All you do is use your child for more money and showing off to the world how rich you are. We get it you are the richest person in the world

Love u... but those expensive purses could feed so many hungry children & do much better things in this world. Makes me sad 😔

Assuming you’re donating all of this to children’s charities! Thanks for giving back! Think of all the lives you will be changing by giving! Amazing!

She’s sweet but the excess of materialistic items is nauseating.

Can old Khloé come back??

Best post ever!!!!🙌🙌🙌

You are disgusting. Flaunting your wealth when so many can’t pay their day to day bills. If it makes you feel fulfilled, I feel sorry for you. That poor baby is going to have all of the wrong values. Such a shame.

My view: I think Khloe needs help, because as she's busy flaunting her bags and photoshopping her pictures, her ex boyfriend Tristan Thompson was spotted with a stunningly beautiful model, just a week after the Kardashians and their friends bullied Jordyn Woods for cheating with Tristan and Khloe accused her of 'breaking up her family', also her best friend selfie-billionaire Kylie Jenner dumped her as her friend and sent her packing from her mansion. Khloe's ex husband Lamar Odom genuinely loved her but she couldn't forgive him for cheating even though Lamar's alleged cheating wasn't public like Tristan's, who has humiliated them and he wasn't ready to be anyone's busboy. Khloe should just concentrate on her best gift from God, her daughter True.

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