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Ex NBA star Kevin Garnett and his wife, Brandi Padilla are still in the midst of their divorce proceedings after she filed to end their marriage in July after 14-years as husband and wife, citing irreconcilable differences.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Brandi Garnett is seeking $146,000 per month in spousal support, plus another $46k monthly in child support for their 2 daughters -- ages 10 and 6. Brandi says she has the girls 95 percent of the time.

The total fees will accumulate to more than $2.3 million per year.

In the documents Garnett's estranged wife says that's fair, though, because she claims her ex has earned a generous amount of money totaling $300 million in his NBA career and still making at least $5 mil a year.

Brandi also wants the former NBA star to cover $300k in legal fees immediately over the course of the divorce proceedings and an additional $25k to retain counsel in another financial case involving Kevin. Garnett sued an accountant and his firm for allegedly helping a wealth manager defraud the NBA champion out of $77 million.

TMZ reported that, Kevin Garnett claims his former accountant worked with a crooked wealth manager to steal a fortune from him over several years.

My view: Wow, $200k a month, hello, what do you need that for. I believe she's entitled to some of his money but not that huge amount for goodness sake, get a job. Kevin Gannett probably played himself by getting married. Garnett’s beautiful wife Brandi Padilla filed for divorce in July and sought physical custody of their two children as well as spousal support. Garnett made over $343 million during his career. I think $100k is a reasonable amount. My advice to some of these sportsmen that get played by some women, if you're so desperate for kids then have them through a surrogate, also marry after your professional career is over, that's when you find a genuine woman who doesn't want the fame, because some of these women wants to be WAG forever and once your career is over they then want a divorce in order to live the lavish life style as a single ex-basketball player's wife. Or marry your childhood/highschool sweetheart, who loves you for who you are not for fame and money. A good example is Coleen Rooney, who genuinely loves her husband, she's still with Wayne Rooney despite his shortcomings and Lebron James and his wife were high-school sweethearts and their marriage is rock solid.

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