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Jurgen Klopp confronts Everton ballboy who mocked him with sarcastic applause At Full-Time

An Everton ballboy was spotted sarcastically clamping at Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp as he was leaving the field at full-time.

Klopp was not happy, so he went over to the boy to have a word with him, but the boy continued to applaud him before the Liverpool manager walked away smiling.

One Twitter user wrote: "Waiting for Klopp to blame the ballboys for the draw!."

A second tweeted: "Applauding his title-bottling subs, I reckon!"

A third wrote: "He's feeling the heat. Ballboy got him rattled. Bless."

A fourth said: "What a legend."

Another added: “Bet his Dad has never been more proud of him.”

Klopp's side are second in the Premier League, with Manchester City on one-point lead at the top of the table

Scroll down for video

My view: The boy learned from the best, Nancy Pelosi's "sarcastic clapping" at Trump, during his second State of the Union address. But I think the ballboy should show some respect to managers.

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