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Nicole Thomas describes her encounter with Kylie Jenner's boyfriend Travis Scott and his group at the Rosewood hotel in London July 2017

The clip shows Nicole explaining how they got trapped in one of the hotel rooms where Travis Scott was allegedly staying at the time, and she revealed that it was a scary experience.

See Nicole's post and video below

"Hi everyone, welcome to my very first video!! This story time is about the time I met Travis Scott in a way I didn't intend to... Since this is my first every video i thought it would be interesting to give you guys a story time and get to know one of my experience's (A BLOODY CRAZY EXPERIENCE)."

Scroll down and hear directly from Nicole herself

My view: This video clearly shows how women throw themselves at musicians, some of them are ready to go through anything in order to meet rappers/celebs or in some cases even have unprotected sex with them. After watching this video, I just find it hard not to believe the latest cheating scandal surrounding Travis Scott if it's true that Kylie found something on his phone. Whatever Kylie Jenner reportedly found on his phone is the truth, that's an evidence, that Travis can never erase but he'll continue to deny and lie to his girlfriend, because no man in his right mind would admit to adultery/cheating, as they don't want to inflict further heartache/pain. Even when they're caught having sex with another woman, they'll tell you it was a ghost. Some of these rappers asks their entourage to organize girls for them and when they are caught they lie that the girl is one of their yes-men's date. Kylie with all the millions you have, you can do better, as Travis will continue to lie until the women starts coming out to sell their stories, he can delete his Instagram account as he likes but that wouldn't change the fact. The worst aspect of it is that some artists don't practice safe sex and I feel sorry for their wives/girlfriends.

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