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Travis Scott deletes His Instagram Account amid Rumors He Cheated on Kylie Jenner

On Friday TMZ reported that Scott flew into LA on Wednesday night to surprise his girlfriend Kylie Jenner and at sometime between Wednesday and Friday, the cosmetics entrepreneur secretly went through Travis Scott's phone and reportedly found "evidence" of cheating on his part. According to reports their argument was apparently so severe that the rapper cancelled his show in Buffalo Friday night (which was announced and cancelled due to illness).

TMZ later reported that despite his cheating, Kylie Jenner is willing to work things out and that they are still together, because of their shared daughter Stormi Webster.

Travis Scott still remains on Kylie's Instagram feed, but his entire account being deleted isn't exactly a good sign that things are going well.

My view: Travis Scott deletes His Instagram Account amid Rumors He Cheated on Kylie JennerTravis Scott will never admit to his girlfriend Kylie Jenner that he cheated, because he knows that his wife/girlfriend will never forget even if she forgives his bad judgement and in some cases the relationship will be over. Kylie with all the millions you have, you can do better, as Travis will continue to lie until the women starts coming out to sell their stories, he can delete his Instagram account as he likes but that wouldn't change the fact. The worst aspect of it is that some artists don't practice safe sex and I feel sorry for their wives/girlfriends. There is no way Travis is going to risk everything by admitting he cheated on Kylie, he'll continue to deny. No one in their right mind would admit to cheating unless the person is ready to change and repent, like 49-year-old Jay Z and Travis is still very young, so he'll deny, deny and deny. I also think that Travis cancelled his show due to poor ticket sales and he couldn't fill a small venue, he's only relevant because of Kylie Jenner.

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