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Meghan Markle’s friends are enjoying the spotlight after baby shower

Meghan Markle's friends Misha Nonoo and Jessica Mulroney are enjoying the spotlight and raking in publicity by being her close pals. Misha has revealed that Meghan was glowing at her lavish shower in New York City, but she refused to confirm whether she was the one who introduced the former actress to Prince Harry.

On Friday British designer Misha Nonoo appeared on Today show to reveal her wardrobe must-haves, she was introduced by the TV network as the person believed to have introduced the former actress to Prince Harry.

When she was asked if she had introduced them, she refused to confirm and said: “I don’t discuss personal relationships, at all, but I’m very happy for them,” but she did revealed that Meghan Markle was “glowing.”

Meanwhile Meghan’s friend Jessica Mulroney, landed a lucrative job on Good Morning America, the stylist also won’t talk about her royal pal, according to reports.

According to reports, Jessica is on contract with ABC while Nonoo wasn’t paid by NBC for her appearance.

After the baby shower the Duchess was spotted wearing a cap promoting her friend Abigail Spencer’s new TV show, and she wore an $850 “Mummy” necklace that her friend Jennifer Meyer promoted on Instagram.

Misha Nonoo appeared on the Today show Friday to reveal her wardrobe must-haves

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Jessica, 39, landed a plum gig on GMA as a fashion contributor in October (pictured). The network hope that Jessica would help them gain access to Meghan

My view: Wow Meghan Markle's friend doesn't discuss personal relationships at all? ok, maybe she has forgotten that it's the only reason why she's on the Today show. Jessica Mulroney and Misha Nonoo actually think people really care about their "styling" or "clothing line"?. They only go anonymous when it suits their friend Meghan, as they don't like talking about her in public or on TV, but they're loving their new found fame and they are clearly milking the royal connection. They hide and leak stories on Meghan's behalf and yet they blame her father Thomas Markle for hugging the media, while Jessica Mulroney earn tons of money on ABC and then the woman that set up Meghan's blind-date with Harry, Misha Nonoo go on TV to promote herself as the best designer on planet earth. They are really milking their friendship with the royal wife, hypocrites and they want Meghan's father Thomas Markle to shut up, how wonderful.

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