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Fugitive bursts through ROOF and starts hurling tiles onto police who had stormed into house looking

More than 50 police officers surround a house after a man pushed through the roof, poked his head out, and started throwing tiles onto the street below, Daily Mail reported.

The standoff, in Penarth Wales, started at 3pm when shocked residents and office workers saw six officers ram the locked front door of a nearby house.

Seconds after they entered the building tiles could be seen coming loose from the roof and a man's head emerged.

The police officers then fled the house as the man burst onto the roof and started pelting tiles onto the street below - while talking on the phone.

A 36-year-old office worker, who filmed the offender from across the road, said at 4pm that the man had been on the roof for about an hour.

He said: 'There's been about 10 people in our office watching the stand-off for about an hour now, and a crowd of about 20 or 30 people out in the street.

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The man was on the roof for more than an hour and threw tiles onto the street below as office workers watched from across the road

'There must be about 50 police officers outside the house. There's at least ten police vans here. There's a negotiator pacing round as well, because the man was throwing tiles.

'The man did go back inside the attic for a bit, and then he kept going in and out. The police are waiting outside - they can't do anything, in case the man falls from the roof.

The man emerged onto the roof to try to escape police officers who rammed his front door. The officers fled the house when they realised he was on the roof and throwing tiles

'There's a woman and a young child who have come out of the house and onto the street. But the man is refusing to come out.'

He said a 50-metre police cordon was put in place around the house.

A spokesperson for South Wales Police said: 'South Wales Police are currently in attendance at the address of a man on a roof at Salop Place, Penarth. This is currently ongoing.'

Via DailyMailonline

My view: He's lucky that it didn't happen in America, and the police handled the situation in a professional manner.

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