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Pictured: ‘Cannibal killer who cut his mother into 1,000 pieces and fed her to the dog’

Alberto Sanchez Gomez is arrested in Madrid after confessing to ‘sharing his mum’s body parts with his pet dog (Picture: Spanish Police)

An alleged self-confessed cannibal is said to have cut up his mother into more than 1,000 tiny pieces.

Jobless waiter Alberto Sanchez Gomez reportedly made the gruesome confession to officers and said he shared parts of the body with his pet dog.

Alberto Sanchez Gomez is arrested in Madrid after confessing to ‘sharing his mum’s body parts with his pet dog (Picture: Spanish Police)

Gomez, 26, was arrested when detectives turned up at his family home in Madrid to inquire about missing OAP Maria Soledad Gomez.

Shocked cops found her body parts in at least six large Tupperware containers inside the flat near the Spanish capital’s famous Las Ventas bullring.

Her vital organs were missing and part of her intestines were found mixed with domestic waste inside the flat.

Macabre new details of the gruesome find emerged today ahead of Sanchez’s court hearing.

Her son is expected to be charged with killing her, although police have not yet said how they believe he ended her life.

The first photos of Sanchez emerged today as former friends told local media how he had become a problem for his family after becoming addicted to drugs.

They said he used to spend time on a park bench opposite his home drinking with homeless people.

It is not yet clear when his mum, 66, died but police said they suspected it happened a month ago.

Police sources say they believe the detainee, one of three children whose cabinet-maker dad died when he was 15, cooked part of his mum’s body parts before eating them or feeding them to the pet dog.

He was well-known to officers because of a series of prior arrests thought to relate to domestic violence against his mum.

Neighbours said she often had bruises that they initially thought had been caused by the dog.

Sanchez, who has been named in Spanish media, has been undergoing psychiatric evaluation but is expected to be remanded in prison following his court appearance.

A spokesman for the National Police in Madrid, which released footage showing them taking the suspect into custody, confirmed: ‘A 26-year-old man has been arrested in Madrid for allegedly dismembering his mum.

‘Officers have found part of her remains in Tupperware storage containers.

‘The victim had been missing for a month.’ They made no official comment on the local reports he had confessed to cannibalism.

Via Metro

My view: He's an evil monster, he clearly has psychological problem.

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