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Scandalous Sex Tape With Actresses Leaked After Egyptian MP Resists Constitutional Changes

Scandalous leaked sex tape featuring the Egyptian filmmaker and Member of Parliament Khaled Youssef with two young Egyptian actresses has been making waves in Egypt.

It all started last week, when Egyptian authorities announced arresting the two actresses, Mona Farouk and Shaimaa al-Haj on charges of obscenity for appearing in the leaked video.

A few hours later, local media outlets reported that both actresses admitted being legally married to Khaled Youssef and that he was the third person who taped the video.

Youssef, who has been reportedly in Paris since then in a visit to his wife and kids, rejected rumors accusing him of involvement in the leaked videos. He also accused the Egyptian authorities of “morally assassinating” him for opposing the proposed constitutional amendments suggested by the current President Abdel Fattah Sisi.

Since then, rumors that Youssef had fled to France amid fears of prosecution were widely circulating. However, Youssef denied it and confirmed he is visiting Paris for a month in a holiday and will return back to Egypt soon.

On social media, the news gathered momentum and got opinions split between accusing Youssef, who has a big history of scandals, of secretly marrying the two actresses in the videotape.

Translation: “Khaled Youssef has always directed films criticizing polygamy and how it is inappropriate for any civilized country. Now ask Khaled Youssef what does he think of polygamy? He will argue that it is better than the adultery cases he is being accused of.”

While others considered the whole story made up from authorities as a way to morally and professionally discredit Youssef for opposing the government.

Translation: “Everybody realize that the whole story on Youssef Khaled is nothing and no convections (at least final convections) will be taken into it. It is all about discrediting him [Khaled Youssef].”

Youssef has not been the perfect opposition activist for Egyptians as he is known for supporting the coup and the crackdown on freedoms that helped Sisi rise into power in Egypt. However, he has won a seat in the parliament in 2015 and since then, he aligned himself as part of the opposition in parliament.


My view: It is sad that people are not free to express their opinions against their own government. I just don't get why African leaders think they have the right to suppress freedom of speech when it doesn't favor them. These self obsessed leaders and dictators are the reason why Trump branded a beautiful continent "shithole", forgetting the fact that he's a "shithole" president himself. The Khaled Youssef scandal is clearly a witch-hunt, the leaked video was a private recording leaked by someone who wants to destroy the MP. They should prosecute whoever leaked it not people that were engaged in the sexual rendezvous.

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