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Serena Williams' coded message to BFF Meghan Markle in Oscars 2019 speech

Tennis star Serena Williams, 37, is believed to have sent her BFF Meghan Markle a coded message of support during her Oscars speech.

While introducing a short clip of Best Picture nominee A Star is Born during the ceremony on Sunday, Serena spoke about making dreams come true.

Serena said, "When we are young, we all have dreams of what we can accomplish in life."

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"Having the dream is easy. Making it come true is hard. Whether that dream is becoming an actor, a tennis player or a singer, like Ali in A Star Is Born."

She continued: "In tonight's nominee for Best Picture, we see through Ali's eyes the highs and low on the journey to stardom.

In the latest episode of The Windsors, we look at the life of one of the royal family's most tragic figures, Princess Margaret.

Williams spoke about making dreams come true at the Oscars. (Getty)

"There's the rush of fame, the pressure of success - and the heartache that comes with sacrificing love for career... or career for love."

Fans have been quick to point out the parallels between her comment and her best friend's life.

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37-year-old Meghan gave up her acting career when she moved in with Prince Harry in 2017. The couple wed on May 19 2018.

The royal couple announced in October they were expecting their first child, due in April.

My view: Well her friend Meghan Markle has been dreaming to be a royal Princess since she was a teenager and she planned her blind date with Harry, the rest as they say is history. Serena please do us a good favour stop grovelling, if you think your BFF Meghan, who didn't even attend your wedding, "sacrificed her career for love", then you're absolutely wrong, because the same extravagant/spendthrift Meghan was with her first husband Trevor Engelson for 9 years, they were married for two years and she refused to move from Canada to join her poor husband in LA, because he wasn't rich and greedy Meg didn't sacrifice her acting career for love then and she heartlessly sent back his poor wedding ring in the post. Hellooooo, so why didn't your lovely friend Meghan give up her career for her poor ex-husband? well, your gold-digger friend Meg didn't give up her job for love, she gave it up for Diamond and £90,000 Dior dress she wore in Morocco. Tell me who wouldn't give up over $300,000 a-year acting job to be a Duchess and spend on expensive designer clothes. Her three days Morocco trip outfits costs £110,000, that's the humanitarian for you. Please ask your good friend Meg to call her father. Meghan is out to destroy the royal family, it's sad.

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