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Mel B blasts Gaga for steamy 2019 Oscars performance

Mel B has blasted Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper for putting on a seriously steamy performance at the Oscars 2019 in front of his girlfriend.

The 32-year-old singer and the 44-year-old actor picked up the Best Original Song title at the annual awards bash for the track “Shallow” in “A Star Is Born,” and took to the stage to perform it live.

Cooper saddled up alongside the “Poker Face” hitmaker, who was belting out the ballad on the piano, for the duet.

As the pair performed, they exchanged flirty glances and nestled their heads together — at one point leaving fans stunned as they nearly kissed.

But Spice Girls singer Mel B did not approve of the performance as she found it too “uncomfortable” to watch, especially as Cooper’s girlfriend, Irina Shayk, was in the audience.

Speaking on “Good Morning Britain” on Monday, she said: “See, I felt so uncomfortable for Bradley’s girlfriend, oh my gosh.”

The breakfast show’s host, Piers Morgan, continued: “It was the look of love, wasn’t it?”

To which Mel added: “It really was and that’s the whole gossip. That’s the whole thing.”

She continued: “But I would like to think it was part of the whole performance, because there’s a women’s code and hopefully that’s not … hopefully it’s only professional.”

Morgan continued to fuel the debate as he found newly single Gaga’s act of removing her engagement ring after splitting from former fiance Christian Carino to then gaze at Cooper adoringly “crosses a few lines.”

He vented: “Lady Gaga taking her engagement ring off — she just broke off from her fiance — and if you put the maths together, you have engagement ring off, and then staring at Bradley Cooper in a way that I would say crosses a few lines.”

It is believed Cooper’s model partner — they have a daughter, Lea, together — made a point of sitting in between Gaga and Cooper.

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Meanwhile, the moment Chrissy Teigen pushed her husband, John Legend, out of the way for a picture, as well as Rami Malek’s trip, have been huge talking points from the star-studded event.

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Via The Sun

My view: I think they were just acting on stage, I don't think there's anything serious between them, but it looked like Lady Gaga is infatuated with Bradley Cooper and their steamy performance is kind of disrespectful in front of his girlfriend. I won't be surprised if they start dating, as anything can happen in Hollywood.

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