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Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, threatens to sue Mail on Sunday

The Duchess has apparently warned of legal action under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act for publishing the letter, in which she said her father had broken her heart “into a million pieces”. In the letter the pregnant Duchess pleaded with her father to stop lying to the press. The Royal Family have reportedly previously taken similar legal action against tabloid papers.

In the letter Meghan said Mr Markle’s actions “have broken my heart into a million pieces”.

She also told of how she will “never understand” why he chose to lie to the press instead of reaching out to her—which she says he hasn't done, even though she “begged” him to accept her help.

Representatives of the Duchess have been in contact with the newspaper after its decision to earlier this month disclose intimate details of the correspondence, The Guardian reports.

Meghan reportedly complained with a “heavy heart” to her father about “manufacturing this fictitious narrative” about being cut out of her life with Prince Harry, aided by his regular newspaper and TV interviews and the pain her father was causing by giving media interviews.

Mr Markle and Meghan have reportedly had a tumultuous relationship since she became a royal last May, but it appears the former Hollywood lighting director’s sharing of the letter may prove to be the last the straw for the heavily pregnant Duchess.

Letters are technically classed as “literary works” and therefore carry the same the copyright implications as other written entities such as novels.

The rules protecting such works mean their authors are at liberty to prevent anyone from copying them or issuing them to the public.

As Alex Newman, the national head of intellectual property law at solicitors Irwin Mitchell, told the Guardian: “A letter is a copyright work as it is a literary work.

“As soon as you create a copyright work, you will own the copyright until it expires automatically.

“This gives you the right to prevent anyone else copying, or issuing to the public, the whole or a substantial part of your copyrighted work.”

The Mail on Sunday printed nine separate extracts from the five-page handwritten letter, which were promoted on the front page as a “world exclusive”.

Both Kensington Palace and the Mail on Sunday declined to comment to the Guardian about the revelations.

Meghan is recently returned from a trip to New York (Image: GETTY)

Via Express

My view: So Meghan Markle's five anonymous friends can talk to the press on her behalf, while her father is being slammed for exposing her letter. How about suing her friends who told a magazine first. So why didn't she call her father and talk to him instead of writing, since she knew about her Dad's relationship with the press. Jessica Mulroney isn't a good friend, she should have organised the baby shower at a private house far from public view but she and Meghan Markle are out to destroy the royal family, it's sad though, because the royal family can't see through Meghan. Also there is no way Meghan didn't know any of her so called five friends were going to talk to the media. So it's ok for her five friends to talk to the media but not ok for her father to do that exact same thing just to try to talk to her?, plain hypocrite. Thomas Markle would be justified to publicly tell the fame hungry Duchess that she's a hypocrite. Meghan is a narcissistic social climbing liar who ghosted everyone in her life that wasn’t famous, from her father to her mother's African-American side, she didn't invite to her wedding. And now she's trying to alienate her husband's brother William and his wife Kate, the trio had a perfect bond before toxic Meghan joined the family. Prince Harry should have listened to his brother. It is obvious Meg doesn't love Harry, she just wants fame. Imagine a woman who was desperate to be famous asked her friends about footballer Andy Cole and when they told her no way, then she dined with Piers Morgan at the same time she was setting up her blind date with Harry and immediately that came through she dumped Piers as a friend, so heartless.

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