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Are young South Africans really renting bottles at top night clubs around the country?

The game of Insta Lies for Insta Likes has reached new levels. Is this the final one?

Living in a time of internet hypervisibility means that sometimes things are done purely for the 'gram. We have perhaps all dabbled in this at least once (some maybe more than others).

And by that I don't mean in extreme forms, but for example, creating a fragrance flat lay captioned "today's scent" when you really didn't even leave the house that day. A harmless white lie that didn't cost you a thing.

But as the viral 2017 ad campaign #DitchTheLabel revealed, thousands of social media users are living under pressure to portray a certain agreeable, aspirational lifestyle on Instagram, resulting in a cycle of Insta lies for Insta likes.

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The campaign highlighted one the most common Insta lies; "Going all the way to Starbucks, buying a coffee and opening up your MacBook - taking a photo of your #WorkSpace, closing your MacBook and then going back home."

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My view: Well that's the reality of Instagram, some fake their stories/pictures just to have thousands-millions of Likes/Views. Some people fake that they are rich, but they're far from it. The wolves of Instagram fake it till they make it, they know how to promote products and tag those brands. The company notices these people, and give them discounts and freebies. And that's how they get fabulous and expensive items.

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