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President Buhari beats his major opponent Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in his own polling unit, 012 PU, Aji

Polling stations have opened in Nigeria, for the presidential elections after an unexpected week-long delay.

Delays have however been reported in some polling stations due to the late deployment of voting materials.

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, had on Friday given assurances that all materials had been deployed across the expanse of the country.

There are over 70 candidates running for the presidency, former vice president Atiku Abubakar represents the biggest threat to the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari, who is seeking a second term in office.

Buhari was one of the early voters, in his hometown of Daura and Atiku Abubakar, is expected to cast his vote at a polling station in Yola, Adamawa State.

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Early days yet, Buhari makes symbolic triple wins

As results are being counted and collated in parts of the country, voting is ongoing in places where the process started late for one reason or the other.

But with results trickling in especially at the ward level, Buhari has made three significant wins. The first is winning his polling unit, which was largely expected.

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The incumbent has gone to win in the unit of his main opponent Atiku Abubakar in Yola, Adamawa State and also that of former president Olusegun Obasanjo – who was a big critic in the days to the vote.

Of all places, the commercial capital of Lagos has been hit by electoral violence according to reports by local portals and eye-witnesses.

The incident took place at Okota, Oshodi/Isolo Local Government Area, LGA, a video posted on Twitter showed people running away from a polling units as live rounds were being discharged.

Voting materials at a polling unit was also seen being burnt after a scattered center. Security has always been top of the agenda during the campaign and a serious concern during the polls.

Authorities assured that enough security had been deployed to quell any incidents of especially ballot snatching and other forms of infraction.

President Buhari had earlier this week stressed that the security forces had been given full orders to shoot at any person or group of persons who attempted to snatch ballot boxes.

The main opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, called him out for the orders saying he had given “shoot to kill” orders only because he aimed to subvert the will of the people using intimidation.

Buhari’s caution was issued at a meeting of the national caucus of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, in the capital, Abuja.


My view: Even in his own polling unit, Atiku couldn't win and at Obasanjo's polling unit. Well we're not surprised because no one wants to vote for a person his former boss called a thief.

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