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Jordyn Woods' face of regret revealed as she is whisked away from event while her career, life o

Jordyn Woods looked completely dejected as she left her Eylure Jordyn Woods Summer Heir lashes event in Los Angeles on Thursday, Dailymailonline reported.

And who can blame the 21-year-old for looking downcast amid a scandal that threatens to turn her cozy life in the Kardashian/ Jenner fold completely upside down.

Days after being caught making out with Khloe Kardashian's on-off boyfriend Tristan Thompson Jordyn made a low-key exit from the bash at E.P. & L.P. in West Hollywood covering her head in an oversize hooded jacket.

The plus-size model was joined by her mother Elizabeth as they bundled into a waiting car and headed back home.

She is said to have moved back in with her mom after longtime best friend Kylie Jenner asked her to move out of her Hidden Hills mansion, where she has been living in a guest suite.

The friends, who have known each other since they were kids, shared the home together (Kylie's baby daddy Travis Scott does not live with her) and were pretty much inseparable with their sisterly bond clear to see on their social media pages.

It's thanks to Kylie that Jordyn can now count herself as a successful Instagram influencer with over 8.6M followers - and the KUWTK star has supported her every step of the way.

And so it came as a huge shock when Jordyn was revealed to have hooked up with Kylie's half-sister Khloe's unfaithful beau over the weekend - with new rumors now emerging that the duo have been enjoying an affair for a month.

'This wasn't like a friend of her younger sister. This was a member of their extended family,' a source told People this week of Khloe's heartache.

'She shares every birthday and celebration. The Kardashians welcome you in and honor every moment in their shared lives. Knowing the anguish [Khloé] had gone through, everyone is still in shock. It's the ultimate betrayal.'

And now Jordyn's life of luxury hangs in the balance.

Another insider explained: 'Jordyn often helped Kylie with Stormi. Kylie was always so excited to have Jordyn around. It seems Kylie isn't sure what to do, but it seems impossible for her to keep Jordyn around.'

Despite the betrayal the Kardashians are reportedly happy for the success Jordyn has achieved and are simply 'heartbroken' over what has happened, not angry.

Ever-supportive Kylie was by Jordyn's side as she branched out on her own, including when she launched her own activewear line SECNDNTURE in August 2018.

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She gushed of her friend at the time: 'I’m proud of my bestie for making her dreams into reality!'

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My view: Hypocrites Kardashians/Jenner, what about Blac Chyna's ex Tyga, Kylie dated, Chyna was Kim's friend, Khloe didn't give a toss when her ex boyfriend Tristan dumped his pregnant girlfriend Jordan Craig for her, Khloe also lied to her ex husband Lamar Odom that she was trying to get pregnant and Amber Rose plus Kanye before her BFF Kim put asunder. It's strange how the Kardashians/Jenners love to steal everyone's man but when it happens to them, it's absolutely 'devastating', give me a break, enough already with the Kardashians/Jenner slamming Jordyn Woods when they do same thing especially Kylie, I don't get why Kylie Jenner dumped her BFF Jordyn, who stood by her during her pregnancy and did not say a word to anyone, that's being loyal. Tristan Thompson embarrassed all of you in front of the world with the video of him entering a hotel with another woman and yet Khloe Kardashian allowed the scumbag in the labor room while she was having their daughter. I just wonder what Jordyn Woods really achieved being Kylie Jenner's BFF, not one house to her name, Kylie couldn't buy her best friend a house, just a car, some jewellery and enjoying expensive holidays and then sent her packing from her guesthouse. Kylie should have given Jordyn two months notice and buy her a house. It is sad how Jordyn was used and dumped because she belittled herself by allowing a man who doesn't really love his matured girlfriend Khloe to touch her. You all make Tristan Thompson feel so important when Khloe should have dumped him months ago. Also I don't get why Jordyn is reportedly crying her eyes out, girl go do some work you have 8 million followers on Instagram, if the Kardashians/Jenners don't want your apology then move on, as they're only loyal to themselves. Just imagine all these old women bullying the poor 21-year-old girl because of a dirty p***s. It's sad that Tristan used this girl, so he could finally be free from his 34-year-old baby mama Khloe. That's why I call Travis Scott a busboy, just as Jordyn Woods was treated like a busgirl. If this family have a forgiven heart, as they say Jordyn was like part of their so called extended family, then forgive her and stop being heartless. If this is not public humiliation and bullying of a young girl by these old women, then what are they doing to her? Even Larsa pippen who allegedly cheated on her ex husband, say Jordyn should be evicted, then Kim announced to the world that she should "find your own man" and Malika Haqq said, “These hoes ain’t loyal.” This has turned to bullying and public lynching, can't you see that the young girl looked depressed.

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