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I’m trying hard to treat my girlfriend well, but she says I’m ‘too nice’


Dear Deidre: I’ve not always treated girls well in the past but I’m now 31 and at last found a girl who feels special to me.

I treat her the way she deserves but she says I’m “too nice”.

My girlfriend says I'm 'too nice' for her

She’s 29 and I’ve been with her nearly six months.

She was the one who was making the running at first, always wanting to see me and make it a proper relationship thing.

Then she came back from a weekend away with some mates and she’d changed. I overheard her chatting on FaceTime to one of her friends.

She said: “I don’t know what to do as he’s too nice for me.”

Does that even make sense?

Deidre says: You can’t be too nice but it could be you’re trying too hard and it’s coming across as fake.

You’re not used to treating girls well so you’re doing your best but you don’t really know how to act.

Ask how she feels and what she’d like you to do differently. And you need to relax.

Via The Sun

My view: Some women really don't go for 'nice' guys, they want someone who can protect them and give them cute gifts.

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