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Kim Kardashian displays her boobs in a Thierry Mugler cut-outs gown to attend beauty awards

Kim Kardashian, 38, showed off her boobs in a barely-there cut-out gown by Thierry Mugler, as she stepped out to support hairstylist Chris Appleton at the #HollywoodBeautyAwards in Los Angeles last night.

The mother-of-three wore the racy outfit as she left The Avalon in Hollywood alongside hair stylist Chris Appleton.

See pictures and video:

Jodie Marsh, pictured, in June 2003

Jodie Marsh wore the outfit to an FHM awards show in 2004

My view: It's all about Kim's angelic face not the barely-there outfit, I don't know about her gown but she looked pretty, her gown looks painful on her boobs, too tight, wasn't that shocking, because British reality star Jodie Marsh wore the belt version in 2003, so it has been done before Kim's display. I think someone copied British reality star Jodie Marsh's boob-belt style.

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