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Couple killed in police chase 'were innocent': Newlywed, 18 - who was due to give birth on V

A heavily-pregnant teenager and her husband who were killed in a high-speed police were due to welcome their baby into the world today - on Valentine's Day, Dailymailonline reported.

Newlyweds Patrick, 19, and Shauna McDonagh, 18, who were planning to name their firstborn daughter Sienna Marie died when the car they were travelling in crashed into a coach as it was being chased by police.

A nine-car pursuit ended on the A40 near East Acton in west London on Sunday evening, when their car hit another vehicle on the wrong side of the road.

The couple were thought to have been suspects in an aggravated burglary that took place north of the capital in Pinner, Harrow, a short time earlier.

But the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) today confirmed the couple were not present at the time of the aggravated burglary that prompted the officers' response.

Police initially arrested a man travelling in the car with the, but have now revealed he was also not believe to have been involved in the nearby burglary.

The couple's heartbroken family said the couple were 'very much looking forward to the birth of their daughter'.

A family statement said: 'Patrick and Shauna were a young couple who had recently got married and were very much in love.

'Patrick was a devoted husband to Shauna and they were very much looking forward to the birth of their daughter Sienna Marie who was due to be born on Valentine's Day.'

The shattered wreckage of a Renault Megane people carrier was pictured in the middle of the A40 after the high-speed crash on Sunday night

Police this evening refused to give an update on the case or reveal why they began chasing the couple.

Mr McDonagh, 19, and his wife, 18, who got married just 11 weeks ago, were pronounced dead at the scene after their car smashed head on into a coach while they were driving on the wrong side of the A40 dual carriageway.

A statement from the Independent Office for Police Conduct said: 'It is understood that police were pursuing the car, a Renault Scenic, for about 10 minutes but terminated the pursuit prior to the crash. A National Police Air Service helicopter was monitoring the progress of the Renault when it crashed.

'It has now been confirmed, as part of a separate police investigation, that the occupants of the Renault were not present at the time of an aggravated burglary reported to have taken place in Harrow. The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) investigation will examine the information the police had and the rationale for the pursuit.'

Three victims - a man in his 30s, a woman in her late 50s and a man in his late 60s - were threatened with a 'large hunting knife' and screwdriver after being confronted by four men during a raid in north London.

The younger victim was punched in the face before the thieves fled the scene with cash and jewellery.

In a statement today the IOPC said the couple were driving on the wrong side of the road.

The statement said the crash took place on the A40 in East Acton, west London around 9pm Sunday 10 February.

The IOPC added: 'Shauna McDonagh aged 18 who was pregnant and Patrick McDonagh, aged 19, were pronounced dead at the scene.

'A second man who was travelling in the car was taken to hospital. A large number of people travelling on the coach were checked by paramedics at the scene with two taken to hospital with minor injuries.

The IOPC investigation will now examine the information the police had and the rationale for the pursuit.

IOPC regional director Jonathan Green said: 'My thoughts are with the families and friends of Patrick and Shauna, those injured and all those affected by this incident.

'It is important that we now establish all of the circumstances surrounding this collision.

'We have therefore launched an independent investigation into the events leading to the collision and immediately deployed our investigators to attend the scene and the post incident procedure.'

The crash happened during a police chase after the homeowners dialled 999.

Patrick and Shauna McDonagh (pictured) were pronounced dead at the scene

Police were forced to screen the remains of one of the victims from public view after the deadly collision

Patrick McDonagh shared his excitement about him and his wife expecting a girl on Facebook

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My view: Heartbreaking, a tragic waste of human lives. It is sad when innocent people die just like that, when there are criminals with knives who are not being stopped and searched.

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