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Ramos on his yellow card: I'd be lying if I said I didn't force it

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has risked being banned for an extra game after saying that he got himself booked on purpose during the closing stages of Real Madrid's win over Ajax on Wednesday night.

Ramos appeared to have deliberately took out Danish forward Kasper Dolberg as the Dutch side attempted to break, getting absolutely nowhere near the ball. He seemed furious with Dolberg but his anger completely disappeared the moment he was shown the card.

Pundit Martin Keown said it was "very obvious" Ramos was looking to pick up a third booking in the competition to be banned for the second leg - a suspension at this stage greatly reduces the risk of missing a match later in the competition with all bookings wiped following the quarter-final stage.

Following the win, Ramos told reporters he would "be lying if I said I didn't force [the booking]".

But Ramos later said on social media that the view he intentionally played for the yellow card "hurts", insisting "I have not forced the card".

Upon receiving the yellow card, the Real Madrid captain is now out of the second leg, but it also clears his disciplinary record for the rest of the competition.

Ramos said: "Looking at the result, I'd be lying if I said I didn't force it," Ramos said in the mixed zone. "It's something I was thinking about."

"Ajax grow at home and they raised their performance.

"They pressed us very high and didn't let us receive the ball so we looked for longer passes.

"Now it's up to them to suffer in front of our fans."

"We have been effective, above all," Ramos added. "Football is not always a beautiful game and we have to know how to interpret matches.

"We have to create space and then take advantage with the punch that we have."

Ajax made life difficult for Madrid but it didn't come as a surprise to the defender.

"A tough game against a lot of young people and we knew it would be complicated," he admitted.

"We know how to suffer. It wasn't our best game but we are united and took advantage."

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Have you forced the card @SergioRamos ? "Yes, the truth is that seeing the result ... It's something I had in mind, it's not about underestimating the opponent but sometimes it's about making decisions and I've decided that." ALL to # ChiringuitoMadrid NOW!

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Ramos clearly was going for his opponent, as he gets nowhere near the ball.

My view: Ramos is showing the world that he has been a fake. He said it himself, "Looking at the result, I'd be lying if I said I didn't force it," how fake is that, he's now trying to deny what he clearly said, it's baffling he should just keep quiet and stop talking. He should be banned for a year, what a complete disgrace. Real Madrid's season has been turned around in recent weeks for obvious reasons and as well as being well-placed in the Champions League, they have also managed to fight their way back into a LaLiga Santander title race, who knows maybe Ramos has been helping them with his fake stuff. Sorry Ramos your legacy is that you will be remembered as a shameless cheat. That's what some people get, when they're too arrogant thinking that they're untouchable. Ramos is now trying to walk back his comments, but it's too late.

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