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Malawians saw through 'Profit' Shepherd Bushiri but SA still hooked

Sheperd Bushiri has built up a cult following in South Africa but citizens from his homeland are less impressed with the self-proclaimed prophet.

Bushiri hails from Mzuzu in Northern Malawi and grew up in poverty.

He’s been described as a timid boy but rose to prominence while aged 27 when he performed “miraculous healing” at his church.

However, City Press have reported that many Malawians see Bushiri as a fake and a con man who loves nothing more than money and fame.

Various sources have revealed that they cannot understand how he has managed to build up a fortune including several homes, luxury cars, a hotel and a private jet.

Sceptics first started questioning his ability when he prophesied that an accident would occur involving a bus in Mzuzu.

He also predicted a long period of bloodshed and violence in 2011.

Major 1, as he is also known, then left for South Africa in 2013 and Malawians revealed their shock at South Africans welcoming him with open arms.

One Malawian journalist said, “The problem with South Africans is that they love money and believe in miracles.

He took advantage of your weakness and that’s how he won South Africans’ hearts.”

A man who was once a close confidante of Bushiri fell out with him and headed back to Malawi.

According to him, he regretted ever meeting Bushiri and said he was made to do things he never thought he would do.

The man refused to reveal his identity for fear of being targeted by Bushiri’s supporters.

A Malawian journalist also revealed that Bushiri boasts a powerful tactical team during his services at his Enlightened Christian Gathering church. Unknowingly, congregants divulge personal information about themselves to Bushiri’s staff prior to entering the church.

Bushiri is then fed the personal information, which he then uses to his advantage when he performs “miracles”.

According to the Bushiri spell is as powerful as ever as South Africans refuse to turn on their “Daddy”.

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My view: Bushiri is very successful because he's charismatic, a trend-setter, a good preacher, performs alleged staged miracles, he has exotic cars and mansions to showcase to his members and also his secret weapon is his wife Marty, who sometimes appears in church as if she's attending a nightclub. South Africans like quick fix miracles and if there's someone like Bushiri doing just that, then they don't care what people say about him until when they see the light and he's exposed then they turn against him like a hawk, just as they are doing to one Nigerian pastor who's in trouble accused of sexual assault. Bushiri should clear his name if he's innocent with the allegations of money laundering and fraud and the government should show the world the evidence against him if any.

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