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Coleen Rooney forgives Wayne for cosying up to barmaid during 10-hour bender

Coleen Rooney was seen wearing her wedding ring on Monday

Coleen Rooney has forgiven husband Wayne after carpeting him over his ten-hour drink binge and cosy chat with a barmaid, Daily Mail reported.

The ex-England skipper convinced Coleen he's 'done nothing wrong' after downing shots with bar girl Vickie Rosiek until 2.30am on a recent night out in Florida.

Today, Coleen was seen out in Washington with her wedding ring on.

Coleen's trust in the 33-year-old ace is so strong she is taking their four boys on holiday, leaving her husband home alone to train with DC United for the new season.

'He's not in any trouble with Coleen. They are absolutely fine' a source told MailOnline.

According to reports Coleen might have forgiven Wayne Rooney's night out with a barmaid, but that doesn't mean she has forgotten.

The 32-year-old mother-of-four is determined to teach her husband Wayne a lesson after his 10-hour bender in Clearwater Beach, Florida, by jetting off on holiday over Valentine's Day without him, claims The Sun .

'He's explained everything about the night with her and said he had only been drinking with friends and had very little to do with the woman.

'He was out in bars watching the Super Bowl like many Americans and was with his team mates.

'The barmaid gave Wayne a lift to another bar and they had a chat, but that was all. She left the bar while he was still there.'

Rumours that the Rooneys' marriage was 'hanging by a thread' are strongly denied by the friend.

Mrs Rooney was seen out and about in Washington on her own on Monday hours after images of her husband on a boozy night out emerged

'Coleen is taking the kids on holiday, which has been planned for sometime. It is coming up to the mid-winter break in US schools and she had wanted to take the boys away for some sunshine. The trip has nothing to do with this incident.'

Rooney held showdown talks with his long-suffering wife after going on a ten-hour pub crawl with team-mates last Sunday at Clearwater Beach, Florida.

The star and his team-mates watched the Superbowl at the Pier House 60 Marina hotel before he went with another team mate to the Brown Boxer bar.

During the ten-hour bender he hooked up separately with Ms Rosiek who he had met days earlier.

After talking for ten minutes at the Brown Boxer, at 12.30am, Ms Rosiek offered Rooney, who had been drinking light beer Michelob Ultra, a lift to the next bar - the Shipwreck - serving Pink Pussy cocktails where the pair knocked back shots.

Rooney left the bar at 2.30am and then she left at 3am.

Speaking about her encounter with Rooney, Ms Rosiek said she did not know who Rooney until a colleague told her.

She said: 'He was on his own. When I saw him, I said, 'Oh hey, I waited on you before'. Then we hung out.

'There was a group of us there. I was sitting there, just bulls****ing with him. He seemed down to earth, just a regular dude a little shy and quiet.'

She said they 'hung out for a few hours' and felt Rooney 'wanted someone to talk to without talking about soccer'.

It comes just two months after he was arrested for public intoxication and swearing on December 16 at Washington Dulles Airport in the US.

The 33-year-old former England captain was spotted drinking with Vicki Rosiek until 2.30am last weekend

Ms Rosiek is a local barmaid who works in the Florida area, where Rooney was with his DC United teammates

The football star was also pictured withdrawing cash from an ATM outside a local Hooters

Rooney pictured with the barmaid in a bar in Clearwater, Florida last week during a ten-hour drinking session

Rooney pictured leaving one of the bars on his eventful night out last weekend in Florida

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My view: Wayne Rooney loves being in the news, so I won't be surprised if the pictures were allegedly staged and I don't think Coleen would dump her husband and allow another woman to take over his millions. It's like the couple like seeking for attention and public sympathy, it's kind of boring now.

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