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Man 'whose throat was slit for cigarette' named as dad who doted on his daughter

A father who was murdered outside a convenience store in East Dulwich by having his throat slit has been named as Dennis Anderson, Metro reported.

Mr Anderson, 39, is said to have been killed in a row about cigarettes in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Today friends paid tribute to him saying he was a ‘very good man’.

Luke Roche, 29, from Dulwich said: ‘Dennis had been at a friend’s birthday party last night and must have been coming home, but I don’t know what happened.

A witness said Mr Anderson was stabbed after he was asked for a cigarette outside the shop (Picture: LNP) ‘He loved his daughter.

He was a family man and very popular. No one had a bad word to say about him. I honestly can’t think of anyone he had a fight with.

He just wasn’t part of that life.’ A witness said he was slashed across the neck with a six-inch knife soon after coming out of the 24-hour store.

A woman who knew him told the Standard: ‘He didn’t have a bad bone in his body. He doted on his daughter and was very loving.

‘He used to party in the pubs in Lordship Lane. He was best friends with a load of boys who still live around here and all went to primary school together.

They’ll be devastated. Whoever did this should be put away for a long time.’

Medical equipment lies at the scene of the fatal stabbing in East Dulwich (Picture: LNP)

Assistant manager Muhammad Khan said his cousin was working when an argument erupted inside the store. He said: ‘They had an argument about cigarettes.

My cousin was here, he was manager. ‘The guy who had the knife came in about five or six minutes after the man who got stabbed.

‘The guy with the knife asked the other for free cigarettes, like as a favour or something. I don’t know whether he knew him.

‘They has an argument and he took out a knife. Everyone was trying to stop him.

‘A member of staff behind the counter and other customers tried to stop him too.

‘I watched the CCTV this morning, they are both black guys.

The guy that was stabbed was bald and quite tall. They were both in their 30s or 40s.’

He said he had never seen the man with the knife before.

The assistant manager said the area was ‘very quiet’ and they never had any trouble with customers.

He added: ‘We are always open late, but this is the first time. We have had no trouble around here – it’s very nice, all educated and wealthy people living around here.’

Neighbours spoke of their shock over the incident.

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My view: This is terrible, some people are just evil.

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