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I didn’t get pregnant for Jamie because he’s white – Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson

Actress, Yvonne Nelson has refuted claims that she agreed to go out and decided to get pregnant from Jamie Roberts because he is white.

After news broke that Yvonne Nelson’s baby daddy was white, most Ghanaians on social media were not shocked because to them, the actress decided to get pregnant just because the man is white.

But speaking in an interview, the actress refuted the claims.

According to her, she gave in to him because he is a good man and takes good care of her.

She said “Jamie Roberts is such a lovely guy and he treats me so well. I love him for who he is but I did not get pregnant for him because he is white.

My attention was not on whether I wanted to date a white man or a black man but a man who can love me and Jamie Roberts has all the qualities”.

Yvonne Nelson has been described as Minister of Foreign Affairs by her colleague, Yvonne Nelson.

My view: Freaking Liar, we all know that women/men like you want mixed-race babies because they're cute, just say the truth and stop beating around the bush. If Jamie "is a good man" as you said, how come he allegedly dumped you and now you're looking for another good man.?

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