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'Harry will be the best dad!' Meghan praises her husband as unnamed friends claims she is su

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped out on Thursday night to celebrate the achievements of wounded, injured and sick military veterans who have taken on remarkable challenges

Harry and Meghan attended the Endeavour Fund Awards in London's Draper's Hall honouring those who, despite life-changing injuries, accidents or illnesses, have excelled in sporting and adventure pursuits.

Meghan, 37, dressed her baby bump in almost head-to-toe Givenchy, pairing a crisp white shirt with a side-split skirt and box clutch by the designer, which she teamed with £530 Aquazzura 'Rendez Vous' pumps.

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The couple's appearance last night comes after friends warned of the 'emotional trauma' Meghan is dealing with following her family's ongoing public feud and abusive comments made on social media.

Five 'close friends' of the pregnant duchess told People this week that Meghan was so distraught with her father Thomas Markle's behaviour that she wrote to Thomas Markle begging him to stop 'victimising' her.

'I think she will always feel genuinely devastated by what he has done,' one friend told the magazine.

The group of unnamed friends also voiced their concerns that the strain of her ongoing estrangement with her father, and the stress of dealing with his public rants about her, could well be taking its toll on Meghan and Prince Harry's unborn child.

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'We worry about what this is doing to her and the baby,' they said. 'It's wrong to put anyone under this level of emotional trauma, let alone when they're pregnant.'

Another voiced concerns over the 'global bullying' Meghan is facing, saying: 'We want to stand up against the global bullying were seeing (against Meghan). Meg has silently sat back and endured the lies and untruths.'

It emerged last week that Kensington Palace staff are spending hours each week moderating online abuse aimed at Meghan, a former star of the show Suits, and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Daily Mail reports that, Inside, the couple looked relaxed and at ease among friends and serving and former armed forces members.

As they moved around the pre-awards party at Draper's hall, Harry was heard to tell one invitee: 'There's a heavy baby in here.' For her part, Meghan told one guest: 'He's going to be the best dad.'

Host for the evening was Ross Kemp, the actor and documentary maker. He said he spoke to the couple about their new Labrador puppy.

Describing Meghan as 'stunning,' he added: 'We talked about how they've got a puppy and we got a puppy before we had our first boy. It's a preparation for nappy changing and pooping basically.'

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My view: The Markles loves the media attention, so Meghan's so called friends should stop blaming her father and accusing him of victimising the Duchess, who herself confessed on her defunct blog that she loves all the "pomp/pageantry and scandals" surrounding Kate Middleton, I wonder why she hates her father now she's married to a wealthy Prince, as she used to praise her father for being the best Dad before her marriage. That's what you get for turning your back on your poor family, when will the Duchess stop being hard-hearted and call her father. You can't have your cake and eat it Meg. Meghan Markle's faceless friends should stop blaming people, they should do the right thing and advise their famous friend to forgive and call her dad, as a kind humanitarian who helps others including sex-workers but not her own family. I don't get that Givenchy outfit, but Meghan looked radiant.

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