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Actress Yvonne Nelson in trouble after saying Ghanaian men lack confidence to propose

Yvonne Nelson And Daughter Ryn Roberts

Ghanaian men on social media have rain insults on actress Yvonne Nelson for tagging them as cowards after they refused to approach her amidst her declaration for a husband, Ghana Page reported.

The actress recently declared that she was no longer with her British baby daddy, Jamie Roberts, disclosing that they were only co-parenting now and that she needed a man in her life.

However, days after confirming her break up and her desire to get a man in her life, Yvonne Nelson revealed on a live TV show to Yvonne Okoro that no Ghanaian man had proposed to her yet.

Well, according to the screen goddess, Ghanaian men lacked confidence in approaching her, for which reason she was still single.

“No one reached out to me…maybe they don’t believe me. It is what it is. I am looking for one [a man]. In fact get me one in Ghana,” she told Okoro on the Dining with Cooks and Braggarts show.

In expressing their views on the matter, some social media residents who reacted on the post on Facebook have denied Yvonne’s claim that Ghanaian men lacked confidence in proposing to her.

The fans have given their own reason why she is still single, with some of them blaming Yvonne for shunning Ghanaian men in her unique days and going after Nigerian men and those of other countries.

For example, one Yao said that no Ghanaian man has proposed to Yvonne Nelson because she already has a baby with a non-Ghanaian.

Chizzy also completely ruled out Yvonne’s claim that Ghanaian men lacked confidence, saying that the men just do not want her.

Yvonne Nelson and her alleged ex boyfriend Jamie Roberts

See reaction:

One Facebook user wrote: l Wh333 afta the Alata people chop u finish u want Ghanaian Men.Did u thought of us wen u were busy enjoying with that your Iyanya.u think say we are cheap. Wob3te bobolebobo

Another said: Ghanaian man to come and look after 'abeiko', right? Why didn't u placed same call when u were alone?

One added: Who want to marry born-one...Ghanaian men also deserve better😊

One commented: Nyanya chop u aaaa he has destroyed everything n u want us to come n take. Go to Edem

Another social media user wrote: Oh relax for u not expired yet. Were there no Ghanaian men when u sent the pussy away..

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My view: It is not about Ghanaian men lacking confidence, maybe she Might Be Coming Off as unapproachable without realizing it and have some rather off-putting habits or Ghanaian men just don't want her, as no man/woman likes to be with a self absorbed person, the me me me type, the relationship doesn't last. Just look at celeb like Cheryl Tweedy, too bossy and self absorbed, she couldn't even keep up with her cool dude ex Liam Payne, who Naomi Campbell called a “Beautiful soul,” and Liam replied: “Takes one to know one.” Yvonne Nelson needs to do something about her attitude and she should ask herself why her British baby daddy allegedly dumped her.

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