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Nigerian superstar Davido endorse presidential candidate Atiku as the former vice-president says Dav

Nigerian music superstar Davido has endorsed presidential candidate Abubakar Atiku. On Monday the singer shared a video on Instagram and captioned, " Our incoming President knows what's Up @Atiku God Bless you Sir"

In the footage the PDP presidential candidate, Atiku declare Davido as the king of Nigerian music.

Atiku also revealed that, in his youth Fela was the king then but now it’s Davido.

Atiku made the declaration while answering questions from Nigerians on a site young Nigerians his team developed, where people have a chance to ask him questions and hear his answers.

When asked about his favorite musician, he said:

“At my youth, Fela was the king of music, and believe me, he was my favorite musician. And I made sure I attended all Shrine musical events throughout the night and till morning.

"But of course currently the reigning king is Davido “

Scroll down for video

My view: Please don't vote for Atiku, he has absolutely nothing to offer you except empty promises just like he did with Obasanjo the last time they were in office together, when they were busy making 25 of their cronies oil billionaires. Why don't you ask Atiku to commit to Income Support to unemployed Nigerians on his first day in office, as he can't create immediate jobs for millions who are still suffering under Buhari, because his own party PDP looted the country dry during Goodluck Jonathan's time in office and he won't commit as his party are planning to finish Nigeria this time around. Also don't listen to any celebrity trying to tell you who to vote for as they and some billionaire pastors were the ones who enjoyed when PDP was the ruling party. Use your votes wisely, vote for other candidates, so PDP and APC don't have the majority. It is sad that the other candidates, Oby Ezikwesili, Donald Duke, and Kingsley Moghalu can't seem to get their acts together by supporting one candidate, if any of them were to seriously challenge the PDP and the APC, two would need to withdraw and support the third, but they're all too proud and arrogant to do the right thing, when they know that it is impossible for any of them to win against the two evil parties who continue to wreck Nigeria. Nigerians would like to know if Davido was paid to endorse Atiku and how much?, if he was reportedly paid for sharing Atiku's nauseating video.

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