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48-year-old Naomi Campbell and her 25 -year-old toyboy Liam Payne are reportedly enjoying a 'MIN

Singer Liam Payne, 25, has enjoyed "mind-blowing" sex with supermodel Naomi Campbell, 48.

According to The Sun, the pair have been dating secretly for two months.

Liam Payne has been secretly dating supermodel Naomi Campbell for two months

There is a 23-year age gap between the couple.

The Sun reports that One Direction star Liam ex of Cheryl Tweedy, has seen Naomi in London and New York.

A source said: "He can't believe his luck."

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According to The Sun, pals of Liam say he could be “eaten alive” by Naomi — who they fear will see him as a plaything.

It is reported that Liam is said to be “head over heels” for supermodel Naomi.

They were pictured together enjoying dinner in a restaurant in Ghana last month

Singer Liam split from Cheryl Tweedy, the mother of his son Bear, last July

The Sun reports that the One Direction star has raved to friends about amazing “liaisons” in New York and London during the secret two-month fling.

But pals of Liam fear he will be 'eaten alive' by Naomi.

Naomi, 48, has introduced him to fashion bigwigs such as Hugo Boss as he aims to boost his modelling career.

According to The Sun, a source warned: “People are worried Liam may have had his head turned — and end up heartbroken.

“From Naomi’s point of view, being with Liam helps keep her relevant and in the news.

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The Sun reports that, Naomi is said to have introduced Liam to fashion giants such as Hugo Boss to boost his modelling career.

“She could be seeing him as a plaything before moving on.

“She has a reputation for being tough and getting what she wants.”

Another source revealed: “Liam has been seeing Naomi for a while.

“He’s mad keen on her. He seems head over heels.

Liam is said to be 'head over heels' for Naomi.

Liam and Naomi were pictured together enjoying dinner in Ghana last month

“They are definitely an item and have been seeing a lot of each other.

“Liam thinks she’s amazing and beautiful, and has said their intimate time together has been mind-blowing. He seems really into her and acting like he can’t believe his luck.

“I had seen some internet rumours but I was astounded when I found out it was a proper relationship.

“He obviously likes a beautiful older woman.”

A friend says Liam is 'acting like he can’t believe his luck' since getting with Naomi, The Sun reported.

The loved-up couple were spotted together at Nigerian superstar Davido Adeleke concert last Monday.

A concert goer snapped Liam walking behind Naomi, wearing round shades, as they left London’s O2 Arena.

According to reports, the pair are now said to be on the verge of going public with the relationship.

The Sun reports that, romance rumours first swirled at the New Year when Liam and Naomi partied until dawn at a beach bash in Ghana.

“They are such an unlikely pair but there is a real attraction between them.”

Two weeks ago Naomi and Liam flirted openly on Instagram.

They have been enjoying flirty exchanges over Instagram

Naomi complimented Liam, commentuing under a shirtless snap of him: “Beautiful soul.”

Liam replied: “Takes one to know one”, adding a kiss emoji.

Naomi then shared a photo of her own and Liam commented: “Perfection in a person . . . don’t give me those eyes.”

As Speculation mounted about their romance, fans named the couple “Laomi”.

But The Sun insider revealed that: “Liam and Naomi were already together by the time they were sending those lovey-dovey Instagram messages.

“That wasn’t him trying to woo her. That was him telling his girlfriend how he felt about her. He is seriously into her and it is not hard to see why.

“She is absolutely stunning in the flesh and — to Liam who is kind of still making his way in showbiz — she would seem to be very experienced with loads of contacts.

“She’s got a massive apartment in New York, and I think Liam has been there.

"I have also heard that she has introduced him to lots of people and helped him to get his foot in the door with Hugo Boss.

“He hopes to appear in one of their adverts.”

Liam had revealed feeling “fragile” after his split last year from his ex Cheryl Tweedy, 35, mum to their 22-month-old son Bear.

Liam has forged a solo career since the One Direction split and is worth more than ­£42million, while Naomi is reportedly worth $60million.

Cheryl Tweedy Liam's ex-cougar and his baby mama

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My view: What can I say, they're perfect together, it's like match made in cocoon. They are both multi-millionaires, enjoying "mind blowing sex" together, using each other just to be in the news, I'll believe they're serious if Naomi can pull off magical lavish wedding like Meghan Markle within a year and six months of meeting Prince Harry, straight to the altar. Some people say Naomi is like a cougar-granny to Liam Payne, well I don't think they're bothered by the negative comments, as Liam is enjoying sex again after splitting from his mannequin and bossy ex Cheryl Tweedy, the me me me me, celeb. I don't think Cheryl will lose sleep over Liam and his new cougar Naomi. It's nice to read their love notes on Instagram not on banana like Meghan Markle's notes to sex-workers.

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