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Bushiri case postponed as hundreds gather outside court

Scores of members from the Enlightened Christian Gatherings Church protested outside the Pretoria Commercial Crimes Court in support of controversial Prophet Sheperd Bushiri.

The charismatic church leader and his wife were arrested by the Hawks in a hotel room in Rustenburg on Friday.

The couple made their first appearance in court on Monday on charges of fraud and money laundering.

The case has been postponed to Wednesday.

Hawks spokesperson Hangwani Mulaudzi says both will remain behind bars until a formal bail application is heard.

“The case has been postponed until the 6 February. It’s an agreement between the state and the defense where then, a formal bail application will be made. As we speak the two have been incarcerated and investigations are still ongoing."

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Bushiri supporters, who were gathered outside the court building, were not happy with the outcome.

Some could be seen throwing water at a vehicle belonging to the Hawks before eventually dispersing.

#Bushiri Congregants shout ‘fire’ towards the Hawks vehicle. This after the case was postponed to Wednesday.

According to the Hawks, the investigation into Bushiri and his wife dates goes back as far as 2015.

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“All in all, we are looking at the POCA Actm where we are making allegations that there is money that was used illegally in some of the assets the Bushiri’s have,” says Mulaudzi.

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Via jacarandafm

My view: Mary Bushiri should be under house arrest because of her young children, yes the rule of law must prevail, please have some compassion, some people have turned into robots with no human face. I just don't get why there's lack of empathy for Mary Bushiri from the authority, When there are so many corrupt politicians who still live in their mansions and here you have both parents locked up away from their young kids. Bushiri's supporters say they'll not vote if their "papa" pastor is not released, well no one is above the law including your pastor, why don't you wait and see the evidence they have against him.? Bushiri needs his holy oil and lots of prayer to save him.

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