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Nigeria's Vice President 'safe and sound' after helicopter crash on campaign trail -[Ful

Nigeria's Vice President Yemi Osinbajo escaped unhurt after his helicopter crash-landed on Saturday, his spokesman said.

Pictures from the scene showed the helicopter on its side after the incident in Kabba, a town in Kogi State in the central region of Nigeria.

Osinbajo was on the campaign trail for his All Progressives Congress (APC) party ahead of this month's general elections, and delivered a speech as planned shortly after the crash.

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"We are extremely grateful to the Lord for preserving our lives from the incident that just happened. Everyone of us is safe and no one is maimed," Osinbajo said in the speech, according to spokesman Laolu Akande.

"God has kept us safe and alive, delivered us from death so we can do more for our people and country," he said..

Osinbajo also tweeted a video of him campaigning, thanking the crew and his well-wishers.

"We are safe and sound! Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern and thank you to the crew who managed the situation well," he wrote on Twitter.

We are safe and sound! Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern and thank you to the crew who managed the situation well. We believe that God will continue to keep us and Nigeria safe even as we go higher.

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Nigeria's general elections are scheduled for February 16.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo pictured on March 7, 2017.

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Culled from CNN

My view: Good to know that Osibanjo survived the crash. I think they should investigate if the helicopter is properly serviced, terms of service life, regular overhaul and replacement mean that safety-critical. Causes of accidents can be divided between aircraft mechanical failure and human factors. Osibanjo and Buhari should tell millions of unemployed Nigerians how they'll help them survive starvation, as they don't receive Income Support from their heartless government. According to reports the World Bank estimated Nigeria’s poverty rate to be as high as 70%, an embarrassing and shocking number given that the country is ranked as the eighth largest oil exporter in the world. “The million dollar question” is: can Buhari win reelection amid his poor economic performance? I think that he will win the election. Not because of his own strengths, but for reasons to do with the weakness of the main opposition party PDP and their very flawed candidate Abubakar Atiku, who has been accused of alleged corruption and he also did nothing when he was Obasanjo's vice president, instead they were busy making 25 of their cronies oil billionaires while they ignored millions of jobless Nigerians with no Job-Seekers Allowance. Atiku Abubakar said on Wednesday he would consider an amnesty for corruption suspects in order to help recover billions of dollars stashed abroad by the country’s politicians and government officials, what a joke. Last time PDP looted Nigeria dry and if they win this election they'll finish the country. Buhari and Atiku are two evils. Unfortunately you have to choose a lesser of the two evils, Buhari remains the lesser evil.

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