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"Chop his money and run away" – Nigerian Vlogger Toke Makinwa advises women on what to do

Toke Makinwa is urging single women who receive sexual attention from married men not to rebuff their proposal, that they should do one of the smartest things for personal gains. In her latest episode Toke Moments, titled ‘Complexity of Dating’, the media personality advised women who get advances from married men to ”chop their money” and run. Toke explained that these married men have often said to women ”being married is not a disease” in their pursuit to make the young women their mistresses.

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She therefore believes they deserve such treatment after they’ve been bold enough to step up and say they are “married but single.”

Toke said: “When next you meet a guy that tells you he is married, chop his money and run away”

My view: So, is Toke Makinwa now advising her young fans through her own personal experience with rich married men?. It's like she's bitter about something in the footage.

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