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Bushiri and his wife Mary detained for fraud and money laundering as thousands attend ECG Church reo

Controversial and flamboyant Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was arrested on Friday.

The Enlightened Christian Gathering Church's Leader is facing fraud and money laundering charges.

ENCA reports that, He was arrested in Rustenburg in the North West.

According to EWN, Church operations resumed after they were suspended for a month following the death of three people during a stampede in December last year.

The Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church led by self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri says congregants gave an overwhelming turn out for Sunday’s service despite the recent arrest of their leader.

Church operations resumed after they were suspended for a month following the death of three people during a stampede in December last year.

Bushiri and his wife were arrested by the Hawks on Friday for fraud, money laundering and contravening the Prevention of Organised Crime Act dating back to 2015.

The couple is expected to appear at the Pretoria Commercials Crimes Court on Monday.

ECG church spokesperson Maynard Manyowa says Sunday’s church service went uninterrupted.

“The church turnout was just as expected with the maximum capacity [being] between 25,000. People are happy, they are joyous, and worshipping”, EWN reported.


My view: Flamboyant Bushiri is a spellbinder, he has sold thousands of bottles of his holy water/oil for about £12 a bottle and yet his so called holy oil couldn't save him from arrest, so is the oil and holly water fake?, because both Bushiri and his wife Mary were handcuffed and led away by Hawks from their hotel room. I just wonder why he couldn't save himself with his olive oil?, oh, I know why because he was selling them to make profit against the preaching of Jesus Christ, who blessed oil and water for free and never asked for a penny back. Imagine, Bushiri reportedly lied to his congregants through his prophecy past year that he would be arrested and sent to prison for preaching to two people for their repentance, then after he will be released and everything will be as it was before. Oh wow, this guy tells fibs, he knew the crime he has allegedly committed and was expecting security officials to arrest him at some point and he'll go to the prison if found guilty, the man of God is facing up to 25 years in prison after being charged for "fraud". Bushiri is very charismatic, he's a power-dresser and he can preach the word of God supported by his show-boat miracles, that's why his followers love him and they'll go to the moon and back for him. Bushiri needs to get himself a very good lawyer, not his weak olive-oil. I don't think Bushiri is fake, he's a commercial pastor and he doesn't hide the fact that he worships money.

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