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Kerry Katona reveals her body transformation in before and after photos as she's slammed for &#3

Kerry Katona has transformed her body after losing two and a half stone in a year.

The former Atomic Kitten singer shared to Instagram on Thursday the before and after photos of her weight loss journey

Kerry looked different in the before photo taken in 2014, which she wore a pink bikini and sporting a fuller figure.

In the after photo, Kerry is seen draped in a sparkling gold gown, which showcases her slender waist and honed curves.

The mother of five captioned the snap: 'I am absolutely thrilled to be part of @skinnyrevolutionuk.

"If you have tried everything and can’t shift those extra pounds / kgs please try @skinnyrevolutionuk and watch you transform into the the god/ goddess you deserve to be!!

She accompanied the post with a side by side picture - the left showed Kerry in a bikini and a more recent pick showed her slender body in a ball gown.

'Losing weight has boosted my self confidence and I feel utterly amazing. If you have tried everything and can't shift those extra pounds.'

Some fans went wild over the transformation, with one writing: 'Wow you look absolutely amazing'

Another wrote: 'U look amazing! Well done...' while one follower wrote: 'Looking beautiful well done Kerry keep it up xxx'

Another added 'Absolute full respect from where you were and where you are now #positivevibes'

And another follower said: 'Wowww that's all I can say xxx'

While others slammed Kerry with many saying that the Instagram post was 'misleading' as the before photo was one that people had seen previously, which they suggested meant it couldn't have represented her promo with skinnyrevolutionuk.

One fan wrote: "You were on Herbalife before this and who knows what else between these photos.

"I honestly am not trying to be horrible but I think it's misleading and you have a lot of young impressionable followers."

Another fan said: "I don't know how to take this post, not everyone wants to be skinny and it shouldn't be someone's goal.

Scroll down for video

Scroll down for video

My view: Good for her, for being able to use cosmetic surgery to achieve her goal, at least she did confess to having a 'sh*t load' of liposuction and a mini tummy tuck to kick start her new look, unlike some reality stars that have had, butt implant, boob job, lip-fillers, rib-bones removed, photoshop and filter and they are still lying to their followers, that hard-workout, imaginary herbal tea and magic waist trainer belt helped them with their tiny waist and everything else that makes them look different and in some cases like an alien. Kerry Katona's first born Molly (her eldest daughter) wants to be a surgeon, that's a big deal for a mother who has gone through a lot.

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