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Shocking pictures show decline of talented history teacher and mother-of-two who became on-the-run &

Devastating pictures have revealed the decline of a talented history teacher and mother-of-two who became addicted to drugs after her marriage collapsed and is now a fugitive county lines cocaine dealer, Daily Mail reported.

Former private school student Angela Davey, 38, was pictured in 2014 looking happy and fresh faced on a night out with her family.

But by February 2017 a police mug shot showed her drawn and gaunt as she gazed vacantly at the camera.

Drug use left the History graduate unable to keep up her successful life as a teacher at a special school, and in July 2017 she sold her three bedroom, semi-detached house in Norwich and ended up homeless and living in a camper van.

Davey was most recently seen last week sleeping in a shop doorway, according to her father, David Wilkes, who made an emotional appeal for her return. 'We feel she could die, she has become a statistic,' he said.

Happier times: Talented history teacher and mother-of-two Angela Davey is pictured before her drug addiction took hold and drastically altered her appearance

Angela Davey, 38, went on a rapid decline after becoming addicted to drugs. She is seen on the left with her family in 2014, and on the right in a July 2018 mug shot

Davey, who attended £14,562-a-year Norwich High School, is said to have turned to hard drugs after beginning a relationship with a man she met on dating app Tinder.

The talented artist was arrested for dealing cocaine last February and posed for a police mugshot, revealing her ravaged and drug addled features.

Graduate: Angela Davey celebrating her degree in 2003

Davey admitted dealing cocaine at a hearing at Norwich Crown Court on October 15 when she was living in a tent, but she then absconded.

Norfolk Constabulary released her mugshot when she was named as one of the force's ten most wanted people last November.

Davey was still on the run last Monday when three people associated with the gang she had links to were jailed for a total of 11 years.

Her father David Wilkes, 65, from Wymondham, Norfolk, pleaded for her to give herself up and receive help.

He said: 'We feel she could die. She is now a statistic. The last time my daughter was seen, she was sleeping in a shop doorway on her own in Norwich last week, but the police can't find her.

'From the family's point of view it is extremely distressing. We feel very much that we are on our own.

Tara Kelf, 35, who allowed her flat in Suffolk Square, Norwich, to be used as a base and acted as a driver to pick up drugs to fund her own habit was jailed for three years

'She is a bright girl and her whole life has been totally destroyed. It is not all of her own doing. She is a victim, and she is not the first.

'It's desperate that she gets the help that she needs, and gets off the street, and hopefully she will be able to make use of whatever resources there are.'

A childhood friend also issued a heartfelt plea for her to give herself up and salvage her life by getting clean of drugs and accepting her sentence.

The 39-year-old friend, who asked not to be named, said: 'If she continues in this lifestyle she will die.'

Describing her as 'bright' and 'incredibly intelligent', the friend said: 'It is a real waste, an absolute waste.

'To us she is a very ill, very vulnerable woman who was not brought up into this lifestyle.

'She was a normal person, a mum, career focused. She was not who you would imagine taking this path in life.

'Police have told me they offered her help, and we have all offered her help. Then we found out there was a warrant for her arrest.'

The friend added: 'We see that being in prison could potentially be her only way out of her current situation and her only chance at being well.

David Teixeira, 19, from London; (top) and Jack Parrish, 26, (below) have already been jailed for their parts in the operation

Jack Parrish

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My view: Such a waste of talent, it is sad. Stay away from friends who are bad influences, don't be a statistic.

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