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Moment horrified parents are held back by police as they try to reach their son, 17, as he lay dying

Distraught parents had to be held back by police as they tried to reach their son’s lifeless body as it lay under a tarpaulin in the rain, Daily Mail reported.

Witnesses said Nedim Bilgin, 17, was repeatedly stabbed with a large ‘Rambo-style’ knife when a fight broke out on Tuesday evening after a row with a gang.

Wounded Nedim – who was just a few hundred yards from his home in Islington, North London – tried to stagger into a nearby shop before collapsing to the pavement.

Andrea Alexander said: ‘Before the ambulance arrived there were three men trying to save his life, and his friends ran to his house to get his mum, who arrived soon after.’

Scroll down for video.

Ben Lynch, 18, a lifeguard who gave first aid to Nedim, told the London Evening Standard: ‘I was at a bar across the road and heard a bunch of people screaming.

I sprinted across the road and saw blood all over the pavement and this boy bleeding out. I lifted up his shirt and started pressing down. I tried giving him CPR. I did as much as I could to help him.’

Police confirmed Nedim was stabbed several times and that two knives were later recovered from the scene.

Witness Christopher Chambers-Russell saw Nedim’s mother and father arrive just over an hour after the stabbing outside a Ladbrokes bookmakers, and duck under the police tape cordon around their son’s body.

‘Nobody but a mother could cry the way she was,’ he said. ‘It was heartbreaking.

'A man I thought was his father pushed under the tape then the mother followed before they were stopped by police.

'The young guy’s body was just lying in the street under a sheet outside the shops, and they were wailing as they tried to get to him.’

Three teens, aged 16, 17 and 18, have been arrested on suspicion of murder. Nedim is the second teenager, and eighth person, to be killed in the capital since the early hours of January 1 this year.

Via Daily Mail

My view: This is so sad, why are they hiding the faces of his killers?, the law should be changed so young murderers can be publicly identified to shame them and their families, it'll discourage evil monsters like these ones to stop carrying dangerous weapons. My advise to vulnerable parents out there, who leaves in high crime areas, don't allow your teenage kids to ride bikes or hang out with their friends in the streets, it is just not safe, as they may be targets for thugs like Nadim killers. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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