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Meghan Markle visits London's National Theatre as she makes her debut as royal patron after succ

Pregnant Meghan Markle visited London's National Theatre on Wednesday as the new royal patron, meeting aspiring performers and watching a line-run of a Shakespeare play.

The 37-year-old former actor met apprentices and staff working with arts and community organizations and was treated to a line-run of a new musical version of "Pericles."

See pictures and video:

My view: I don't get why some people are shocked about those commenting on Meghan constantly cradling her baby bump, well she's an actress and she wants the attention to be about the ever changing shape of her pregnancy. According to Meghan, she loves the "pomp, pageantry and circumstance surrounding the royals", she also loves the criticisms before meeting Harry and I guess she still loves everything about the royals now that her Princess dream is real. So why are people complaining when she's being criticised, as she loved when some royals were being criticised, sorry she can't have her cake and eat it. She looked good in her peach dress.

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