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Nine-month-old baby boy suffers 25 heart attacks in one day and SURVIVES

A Nine month-old baby boy suffered 25 heart attacks in a single day but miraculously managed to survive, The Sun reported.

Little Theo Fry, who is now 19 at months, is believed to have the most heart attacks in 24 hours ever seen by British doctors.

Theo Fry may have had the most amount of heart attacks in one day in Britain

But his cardiac problems begun when he was just eight days old in May 2017.

He started turning blue and then grey after appearing very sleepy to his mum, Fauve Syers, who rang 111 as a precaution.

The NHS helpline said Theo should be immediately taken to Salford Royal Hospital where a team of 40 medics were waiting for him.

They said he had heart failure and would die without urgent surgery.

Doctors managed to stabilise him, but he needed open heart surgery four days later at the children's hospital Alder Hey in Liverpool.

Theo was diagnosed with an interrupted aortic arch which means his heart — which also has two holes in it — couldn't pump blood around his body.

Dad Steven Fry, 35, told The Mirror: "We were told if we hadn't called 111 that night, Theo wouldn't have woken up next morning."

He even made it through a heart attack during the operation in which surgeons battled to keep him alive.

I watched the resus team working on him with every chest compression, thinking, 'Oh my god, please don't let this be his last breath'.

Medics kept him in Alder Hey for three months, during which he contracted sepsis and had another cardiac arrest.

But after he was discharged, Theo had arrhythmia for weeks — when the the pulse jumps to dangerous speeds — and he was taken back to hospital.

He was supposed to be in for 24 hours' monitoring, but he didn't go home again for another six months.

After being in intensive care over Christmas and suffering three separate heart attacks, things became even more deadly on the night of January 31 2018.

He suffered 25 cardiac arrests in just one day.

Mum Fauve said: "It was horrific. He was having attack after attack. I knew he couldn't take much more.

Every time it happened, nurses would buzz for the arrest team.

"I watched the resus team working on him with every chest compression, thinking, 'Oh my god, please don't let this be his last breath'."

Theo was sent into theatre for ten hours where surgeons found his left ventricle covered in scar tissue, which stopped it from working properly.

But once once doctors successfully completed the operation, Theo made an instant recovery and was back home within days.

In the last year, Fauve and Steven have been fundraising for Healing Little Hearts — a UK charity that sends NHS surgical teams to poor countries to operate on children who would otherwise die.

Theo with dad Steven, eight-year-old sister Leila, and mum Fauve

Via The Sun

My view: Little Theo is a miracle baby and what a wonderful group of surgeons, just exceptional.

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