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Brexit result: Theresa May faces confidence vote after her Brexit deal suffers historic Commons defe

MPs line up to vote in the Commons

Theresa May is to face a confidence vote in the Government after her Brexit deal went down to a crushing defeat in the Commons by 432 votes to 202.

The Prime Minister responded to the rout by telling the Commons: “The House has spoken and the Government will listen.”

In a major shift of policy, she promised to let the Commons debate other ideas, such as softer Brexit plans.

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Mrs May indicated she would not resign, but bookmakers halved the odds on her early departure.

Theresa May after the vote (EPA)

“It is my duty to deliver on their instruction and I intend to do so,” she said at the dispatch box in the Commons.

Jeremy Corbyn called it “the greatest defeat for a government since the 1920s” and declared he would table a motion of no confidence. This will be debated and voted on tomorrow.

A major defeat for Mrs May’s withdrawal bill was expected by all – but the huge shortfall of 230 votes was worse than many experts and MPs had expected.

Via Evening Standard

My view: I think Theresa May likes the pomp pageantry of being a prime minister, women like her are very resilient, they don't give up easily, they try, try ,try and try until they get what they want, just like one famous Duchess wrote in her now defunct blog "Grown women seem to retain this childhood fantasy. Just look at the pomp and circumstance surrounding the royal wedding and endless conversation about Princess Kate,". It's been long Boris Johnson has been eyeing Theresa May's job and now Jeremy Corbyn has given him the opportunity to compete for Mrs May's job, that he wouldn't get anyway, just like MM will never be Queen.

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