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Chanelle Hayes regrets ‘not getting skinny like Cheryl’ after cruel fat shamers bodyshamed her over

Chanelle Hayes revealed her regrets at "not getting skinny like Cheryl" after she split from her ex partner Ryan Oates in 2017.

The 31 year old opened up on her weight loss after shedding two stone, but has recently faced negative comments about her body after bikini snaps of her emerged.

On Friday during an interview on This Morning, Chanelle broke down as she hit back at cruel comments about her bikini body.

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Chanelle said, "Most people like Cheryl when they break up get so skinny, but then when I’m celebrating I’m thinking ‘Oh my god yay let’s go out for food!’ Everything revolves around food I looked at the photos and looked horrendous.”

She added: "It was extremely hurtful. Usually it’s water of the duck’s back. There is no need to go there, I am trying really hard, especially with two kids. I have the willpower of the sloth.

"It’s hurtful when people are like, ‘you know you can be slim and be a mum’. I know that, but it is hard!

"Most of the time I would be like, ‘get a grip of yourself’ but sometime it hits a nerve."

The former Big Brother star also vehemently claimed the photos were not set up paparazzi shots, despite admitting to staged pictures in the past.

Chanelle Hayes outside ITV studios

She explained: "I've done that before – I'm a single mum, I like to earn my money however I can – but these pictures were a complete shock to me."

The mum of two vowed to lose weight after being left unhappy over birthday pictures of herself in November.

She said: “I felt disgusting and I decided this is it.”

My view: I just don't get why Chanelle Hayes cried during her appearance on This Morning. If celebs stage pictures of themselves to make money, then they should be ready for criticism, you can't have your cake and eat it, sorry. If you don't want any negative/positive comments about your body, then get a real job and stop looking for quick money. We all know that paparazzi don't really care about Z-list has-been celebs, that's why some of them subject themselves to public ridicule with very bad image, they even go naked for their staged photos, thinking their fans are not smart enough to see through them. Also next time Chanelle should showcase her figure in a nice bikini not a £1 two-piece set that looked like that of a 6-year-old from Primark/Lidl. Chanelle claimed that Paparazzi took the pictures without her knowledge when she was on holiday in Spain, oh really, so that's why all the pictures were cropped by the paparazzi and there were no tourists around at your holiday destination, not even your kids were there with you. Then the next thing is to appear on a morning show and pretend to shed crocodile tears, the interview looks strange, so sad.

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