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Lisa Appleton goes completely naked as she sits on a beach swing reportedly in the Maldives

Lisa Appleton stripped completely naked, as she posed for the camera on a beach swing reportedly in the Maldives.

The 50-year-old, pictured, alone on a beach, didn't have a care in the world as she let it all hang loose and paraded around the Maldives naked

The reality star reportedly jetted off on holiday shortly after welcoming the New Year, and has gone from living in a tree house to posing nude on a beach.

Lisa tweeted to her adoring fans last week: "Having a wonderful time in the #Maldives stunning #Beach #Sea #Sand #Holiday #Happy."

She added: "Found a lovely quiet water in Maldives hidden away hardly anyone around , such a liberating feeling #SkinnyDipping not a care in the world."

According to the former Big Brother star, she was left feeling "devastated and destitute" after being sacked from her call centre job, while also living in a tree house after losing her home because of money troubles.

Lisa went through a difficult time last month after getting an acid face peel and Botox in Thailand, she was left with a crooked smile after the procedure.

According to The Sun a source explained at the time: “Lisa has claimed she’s been given the boot from the job and is telling everyone she’s back to square one.

"She told people she found the job boring so would try and make the customers laugh while she was on the phone.

"Lisa would make stupid noises or tell jokes.

“Although some customers liked it, her attitude started to grate on members of the team and she was eventually told to pack her bags.”

My view: Lisa Appleton's full time job now is just to take naked pictures and then laugh all the way to the bank with the small change she gets from her photos. Lisa claims she couldn't work in a shop or Mcdonalds, because she'll be mobbed by her adoring fans. If celebs stage inappropriate pictures of their ridiculous surgically enhanced/natural figure then they should expect negative comments from people, as you can't eat your cake and have it, if you are ashamed of your body then don't stage pictures and pretend you're on holiday in paradise. Lisa tweeted to fans and wrote, "Found a lovely quiet water in Maldives hidden away hardly anyone around , such a liberating feeling". Who is she fooling?, all the pictures were cropped.

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