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Video Of Drake Kissing And Fondling A 17-Year-Old Girl During Concert surfaces (Pictures and Video)

A disturbing video of Drake which was shared on Twitter sees the singer/songwriter taking a break from his show as he welcomes a 17-year-old female fan from the audience up on stage. Drake goes on to kiss her body and lightly fondles her Bosom -- kissing her several times -- during a concert in 2010 ... and now he's being slammed for his actions, which many are calling inappropriate and very creepy.

After, he asks her how old she is. When the young girl says she’s 17, the crowd erupts in laughter—as if it’s like kind of joke.

The footage reportedly from a show at the Ogden Theatre in May 2010. Shows Drake on stage with the teenage fan, who he begins to slow-dancing with ... before standing behind her and smelling her hair.

Drake then appears to caress her and kiss her on the neck, and says to the crowd... "Y'all gonna have me get carried away again. I get in trouble for sh*t like this; how old are you?"

After the girls tells him she's 17, the crowd erupts in laughter ... to which Drake replies, "I can't go to jail yet, man! Seventeen? How do you look like that? You thick. Look at all this."

But he continues -- he tells the girl he had fun with her and liked the way her breasts felt against his chest .then kisses the girl again, including on the lips.

TMZ reports that, Drake was 23 at the time of the video, and age of consent in Colorado is 17 ... but that hasn't stopped people from criticising the rapper for his behaviour.

And, with the allegations against R. Kelly" fresh on a lot of people's minds ... this Drake video's definitely disturbing.

Scroll down for video

The footage was shared on Twitter one day after Lifetime's docuseries 'Surviving R. Kelly' sparked social media discussions about inappropriate behaviour by artists. R Kelly pictured in 2013


My view: The young girl didn't react at all she clearly looks shy in the video and she looks very young, irrespective of her age, no woman should be subjected to gross harassment like that in public. It's like medicine after death It seems Drake knew the girl's a teenager but went for it anyway then later asks her age after enjoying himself, very creepy. He should have asked her age before fondling and kissing her. I won't be surprised if she claims #Me Too against Drake, she deserves some money from his millions, for the public humiliation she's getting.

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