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Trump's Surprise press 'briefing'

It was a quiet afternoon at the White House toward the end of a four-day week. Network correspondents were preparing for their evening newscasts, cameramen were scattered throughout the briefing room and outside, some reporters had stepped out for coffee, CNN reported.

Minutes after 4:00 p.m., a voice came on the overhead speaker announcing that press secretary Sarah Sanders would hold a briefing in "five minutes."

The scramble was on.

For a White House that has held increasingly rare briefings, the short notice was unusual yet not surprising. And as the press appearances have shrunk, the importance of each opportunity to ask questions has increased.

Still photographers ran to secure their spots. Television camera crews and audio technicians rushed to turn on, focus and color balance cameras and wire up correspondents for live shots. The White House audiovisual staff turned the podium microphones on and the lights up at the last minute.

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And when Sanders took the podium, instead of taking questions she introduced a "very special guest" -- the President of the United States.

"Hello, everybody, beautiful place, I haven't seen it," President Donald Trump said as he walked in, wishing the press assembled a happy new year.

Thursday marked Trump's first official appearance at the briefing room podium nearly two years into his administration. But despite being billed as a press briefing, and taking place in the briefing room, Trump did not deliver a briefing (he took no questions) and instead gave a statement pressing for his border wall.

His visit was such a surprise that the podium wasn't dressed with a presidential seal.

Journalists were still filling in seats in around the back of the briefing room, which is normally packed and standing room only for briefings, as the President began to speak.

He offered his warm congratulations to newly elected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, praising what he called her "tremendous, tremendous achievement."

On the first day of divided government during his administration, Trump cited infrastructure as one area where the White House could work with the Democratic-controlled House. Then, Trump made a push for his border wall, introducing some members of the National Border Patrol Council and National ICE Council.


My view: Attention seeker Trump, has Sadistic personality disorder, he's a complete disgrace and a clown. Well of course "baby blimp Trump" couldn't stand Speaker Nancy Pelosi steal his shine. Therefore what does he do? Trump calls a "fake" White House press briefing. As we all know that Trump's White House has had very low number of press briefings, some with the worst White House press secretary ever, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I wonder why she has not been fired by Trump, maybe because she repeats all his lies perfectly.

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