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Swimwear model, 21, shares unedited snap of her cellulite after being trolled on Instagram

An Instagram star has hit out at body-shaming trolls with a powerful photo of her cellulite.

Ariella Nyssa is known for posting unedited images on her page - but after being repeatedly criticised for her natural figure, penned an emotional caption alongside a bikini snap this week.

Ariella Nyssa wrote a powerful caption alongside her unedited Instagram shot earlier this week

Ariella - a lifestyle and swimwear blogger from Sydney, Australia - wrote: "I receive many comments about my cellulite and cellulite in general.

"'Your ass looks like my balls', 'you only have cellulite because you are lazy', 'if you have cellulite that means you are unhealthy'.

"Years ago I hated my cellulite. I was so insecure about it and as a result I made it my number one priority to tackle what most of society deems as an 'unhealthy, unattractive flaw'.

"During this time I cut out all foods that I loved, I ran and ran on a treadmill and only ever did cardio at the gym. Throughout this time I was constantly tired, my immune system was poor and my mental health and self worth were at an all time low."

The 21-year-old has spoken openly about how she came to accept her body

She continued: "After years of trying different diets, starving myself and only doing cardio, I stopped and thought about what cellulite is. Why does it make me 'unattractive'?

"And you know the conclusion I came too? IT DOESN'T. Cellulite doesn't make you any less beautiful. It isn’t a representation of your health and it DEFINITELY shouldn't stop you from loving yourself.

"I go to the gym way more than I did, but now I only do weight training. I eat in moderation and I am the healthiest I've ever been both physically and mentally. And I STILL have cellulite!

The swimwear and lifestyle blogger wants to remind her followers how 'rare and amazing' their bodies are

"A completely airbrushed and smooth body is nearly impossible to obtain and is not a representation of YOUR beauty.

"So here's little old me and my cellulite once again to remind you of how rare and AMAZING our bodies are. Cellulite or not."

The post has now racked up over 23,000 likes and 700 comments, with messages including: "Absolutely fantastic," and: "Beautiful... inside and out!"

What a brilliant message to take into 2019.

Via The Sun

My view: She's real and proud of her natural figure, unlike some reality celebs who lied to their fans that magic tea/shakes and miracle belt helped them with their tiny waist and their hollow rib-bones.

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