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DJ Xgee’s Ex Girlfriend Opens Up On How Violent And Abusive A Boyfriend He Was

A Nigerian lady named, Temitope Adeola Akinsemoyin has just shared the brutal experience she allegedly had while in a relationship with late DJ Xgee who committed suicide on January 2nd 2019. According to Temitope, late DJ Xgee was her boyfriend during their university days and he was very violent and abusive.

She wrote:

My view: This woman is a complete coward and a nasty piece of work, I wonder why she refused to come out and talk about her alleged brutal experience in the hands of tragic DJ XGee, when he was alive in order for him to defend himself, maybe his estranged wife wouldn't have married him and he'll still be alive, and seek help. Once you start keeping quiet in an abusive relationship then the next woman will suffer the same faith. Just like the #Me Too movement, some of the so called actors, who are now complaining used their girl power to get to the top by sleeping with Harvey Weistein and make millions, now some of the hypocrites are coming out to cry me a river, why not give back the millions to charity since you prevented real and serious actors who were not ready to trade their body for fame, from getting that role.

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